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This Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) 2022, Ariana Grande has urged her fans and social media followers through her official Instagram account to support her Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund which she founded with the fundraising platform, Pledge. Through this platform, Grande aims to raise money for 19 LGBTQ organizations that advocate for and provide direct services for the rights of trans youth. They are the:

  1. Black Trans Advocacy Coalition
  2. Equality Florida
  3. Gendernexus
  4. House of Tulip
  6. Lucie’s Place
  7. One Iowa
  8. Our Spot KC
  9. Pride Link
  10. Southern Arizona Gender Alliance
  11. Tennessee Equality Project
  12. The Knights & Orchids Society
  13. Transformation Project Advocacy Network
  14. Transgender Advocates Knowledgeable Empowering
  15. Transgender Education
  16. Network of Texas
  17. Transanta
  18. Transsocial
  19. Zebra Coalition

The American singer said on her Instagram account and we quote:

Please join me in donating to this fund I’ve created with @pledge.to to support organizations providing direct services and advocating for the rights of trans youth ! Right now there are hundreds of disgraceful bills pending in state legislature that target trans youth and aim to curb their rights. This will provide critical funds to organizations advocating for the rights of trans youth. Please share & swipe to find out more about where exactly our money is going!!!

text PLEDGE to 707070 or use pledge.to/protect-defend-trans-youth-fund to donate

Further, the Break Free singer said that she will match donations up to $1.5M.

Meanwhile, ACLU lawyer Chase Strangio said on Twitter, “Here is what is going to happen. Today we are going to raise $3million for trans-led work. Ariana Grande is matching up to $1.5million.” He added, “We are going to make #TDOV about action, investment and power. Go here, donate, share.”

According to NBC News, there have been a total of 238 bills proposed from Jan. 1 to March 15, “or more than three a day — that would limit the rights of LGBTQ people, with about half the bills specifically targeting transgender people.” Read the news in full here.

As of this writing, the Protect & Defend Trans Youth Fund, had so far raised $626,881 of its $1,500,000 goal.

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