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Do you believe in this, guys, that there are unspoken rules that gay guys should know and, well, follow? If so, what are these?

A rather popular question was posted on Reddit, it says, “What are some unspoken rules that every gay guy should know?” Quite a number of gay men seem to be in consensus that indeed, this is the case, in fact, there are some truly popular ones mentioned, one such answer reads: “Do. Not. Fall. For. A. Straight. Guy.™”

A lot of gay men agreed on this statement, one guy even shared, “I wish I knew this. This really ruined me. I was at a point where I was wailing and crying not wanting to be gay anymore.” He added, “It was awful. I have moved past it since, and now have a boyfriend. But getting past that was one of the darkest moments of my life.”

Meanwhile, one man has a few points indicated on his list. Firstly, he said, “Do not out anyone,” which was followed by, “Always keep a condom on your person.” Further, he stated, “Ask first before you send a dick pick.” And lastly, he stated, and this one we thought is a rather great advice, “If a guy says no, don’t touch his dick.”

Another guy said, “When you think you’ve applied enough lube, add more.”

In addition, there’s a rather quite interesting and unfortunately true and full of wisdom statement that says, “Just because he’s screwing you, doesn’t mean he loves you.” To which one guy immediately responded, “Especially if he just met you and says ‘I love you.’”

Having said all that, is there something you’d like to add on this list, guys? Do you agree to any of these statements that they have raised?

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