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Do you blow your hook up/boyfriend/partner/husband after anal sex, guys? Why or why not? 

We are talking about this because we stumbled upon a thread wherein the original poster (OP) named R_J4ever asked the readers: “Do you still blow your guy after he’s been up your ass?” He elaborated, “Love being fucked by my bf. Love blowing my bf. But I don’t really want to suck his dick after it’s been up my ass. Though I clean my ass before sex, it still cringes me out.” 

He then added that he hasn’t “ever done that combo though, just wondering.” He also said that he and his boyfriend “don’t use condoms, both lost our virginity with each other. ❤”

One of the readers named JessePNW confessed that he “did that once, in a threeway, about 35 years ago. It was the heat of the moment and it didn’t feel like it was a good thing to do.” He proceeded to say, “I’ve been surprised in recent years to see that it’s a big deal in gay porn. Seems a little risky no matter how much someone is cleaned out.”

Another reader named gouplesblog responded, “Sure! If my arse wasn’t clean enough to suck him afterwards – then he wouldn’t have been fucking it to begin with.” Further, he explained, “I’m pretty meticulous when cleaning out, and sure I check it first.”

Meanwhile, user Ilovethelittlemonkey replied, “Even though I do a thorough cleaning when I bottom, going from ass to mouth is a definite NO NO. I have never done it, will never do it and wouldn’t expect anyone I topped to do it either.” 

Having said all that, going from anal to oral is not advisable. According to this article, feces is “filled with bacteria such as Shigella, campylobacter, salmonella and E.coli” along with parasites like amoebas and giardia that can cause “severe diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, bloody stools, fever, nausea and vomiting.” 

This doesn’t mean we can’t have anal sex anymore, or oral sex, because of the risks. We only need to practice safe oral sex and observe anal hygiene plus, we can use dental dams as well to help reduce the risk of catching STIs and unwanted parasites. Speaking of anal hygiene, we’ve talked about this in the past including the role of ear syringe in preparing one’s ass before anal sex; check this if you wish to revisit the article. 

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