We are delighted and proud to announce the launch of new Adam4Adam features that A4A members can enjoy using starting today. It’s called the Video/Audio calls, and it is now available in a beta version, for your use on desktop and mobile website.

The Adam4Adam Team had started working on this during the early days of the pandemic because we wanted to offer you guys a tool that would be useful for so many things. For starters, you get to stay connected with other A4A members without having to leave the comforts of your home, something that is essential during these pandemic times, where it is safer for us to stay at home.

Secondly, with the Video/Audio call feature, we are able to get a proof of who we are talking with. Online video/audio interaction with other members is important as we get to see for ourselves and we get to know who they really are because many guys get contacted by spammers. We have therefore, placed this extra tool for Adam4Adam members to use, along with the verification process, to ensure that our beloved users here on A4A are real and authentic.

Lastly, don’t you think it’s nice to see what the other guy has to offer? With Adam4Adam’s Video/Audio Chat feature, we can say goodbye to fake dick pics, that’s now a thing of the past and we can say hello to a live one. You can even show your booty and jerkoff together. 

What’s more is that the video quality is super HD and this feature is supported in most browsers except for Mozilla Firefox, and you can use it with different phones and different computers. 

Who can use A4A’s Video/Audio chat feature?

All members can use it, of course. Regular members get 10 free video minutes and 20 audio minutes. VIP or PRO users on the other hand, have 50 free video minutes and 100 audio minutes. 

It is also available in three packages: 

  • Unlimited Package which offers you the best bang for your buck as it allows you to have unlimited Video/Audio calls with other members for $50.00 only;
  • the $15.00 package which gives you 500 video minutes and 500 audio minutes; 
  • the smallest package available costs $10.00 and it comes with 250 minutes of video and 250 minutes of audio call.

Hurry and try out our new Video/Audio call feature, guys! 

Simply click on the camera icon to make a video call, or on the phone icon to launch an audio call. You’ll find these icons in the conversation box with another member if you’re using the desktop website or the mobile website (coming soon on the IOS and Android apps). If you’re the callee, all you have to do is to accept the incoming call and voilà, you are already connected together.

For more information on A4A’s Video/Audio chat feature, click here and please let us know if you encounter any problems using this new feature, in the comments below.


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