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It’s as the title says guys: would you undergo penis enlargement surgery if given the chance?

We are asking because there seems to be a surge in the searches for penis enlargement on Google in Europe for the past 12 months as well as an actual increase in the demand for penile augmentation procedure post-lockdown. Granted the latter is in Australia. 

According to this article, the demand for penis enlargement surgery—at least for this particular clinic called The Manse Clinic located in Sydney, Australia—had gone threefold after the lockdown restrictions was eased.

The founder of the clinic named Dr. Naomi McCullum said that like many other businesses, they temporarily suspended their operations on March 25, 2020 as a precautionary health measure against COVID-19. They reopened in early May but that she has since then “been left baffled by the amount of male clients coming in for an augmentation.” 

Dr. McCullum said in an interview, “I cannot explain why but we’ve had a significant increase in the number of penis enlargements we perform per week at The Manse post-COVID.” She then speculated that the increase for the demand on penis enlargement procedures could be because of “the amount of time Australians have been spending at home – and in the bedroom.”

The procedure—which “uses dermal filler for the penile augmentation,” takes 45 minutes and it costs a whopping $7,700. In return, men can reportedly expect up to a 30% increase in girth not to mention “the effects of the dermal filler last up to two years.” To know more about the procedure, read here.

Meanwhile, the clinic’s story is consistent with the findings of this study conducted by money.co.uk. Their research revealed that penis enlargement is the third most Googled cosmetic procedure in Europe with an average of 24, 450 monthly searches (the first one was rhinoplasty followed by boob job; Brazilian butt lift took the 4th place while brow lift came in 5th). 

This only goes to show that indeed, penis enlargement procedure has always been popular so it’s not a surprise at all when men trooped in The Manse Clinic after the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Or perhaps do you guys agree with Dr. McCullum that being stuck at home and spending more time in the bedroom during the lockdown are the main catalyst to the surge in the demand for penis enlargement procedures? What do you guys think? 

More importantly, would you consider getting penile augmentation procedure? Why or why not?
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