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Speak Out: Five Reasons To Bring Your Parents To Pride

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Pride can be an overwhelming experience for newcomers, as well as for those who aren’t exactly accepting of the LGBTQ community. Sometimes, your parents are both of these people, so it’s understandable if you’d rather not celebrate Pride with them.

But if your parents want to celebrate Pride with you and you’re looking for reasons why you should, don’t worry! Here are five reasons why we think it’s okay to bring your parents to Pride.

1. They get to learn more about the queer community

If your parents are genuinely curious about what it’s like to be part of the LGBTQ community, Pride is a good way to show them an overview. Today’s Pride parades are made up of the different aspects of the LGBTQ community, ranging from the family-friendly to the more adult side of things.

2. They get to see that Pride is for families too

The way some people talk about Pride, you’d think it was the Folsom Street Fair on steroids. But today’s Pride celebrations are as diverse as the LGBTQ community itself. There are Pride celebrations all over the country that have family-friendly components, and you can take your parents there if you don’t want them to see the more risqué parts of Pride.

3. It’s a way for the4m to share about their own experiences with the LGBTQ community

One thing’s for sure, the way Pride was celebrated during your parent’ time is very different from the way we celebrate it today — if they even celebrated Pride at all. Bringing your parents to Pride allows them to share their own perspective and lets you see how the community has changed over time.

4. You get to spend time with them on your own terms

Each one of us has probably had the experience of having our parents gently nag us about visiting them and spending time with them. Inviting them to Pride takes care of this easily, and you get to meet them in an environment where you can feel safe and part of a larger community.

5. This could be the start of a new family tradition

As overwhelming as Pride can be, it can also be a really fun experience. If everything goes well and both you and your parents have an enjoyable time, you can make this an annual thing which really strengthens the bond between you and your parents.

These are just some of the reasons why we think bringing your parents to Pride is a good idea. Have any other reasons to share? Share it with us in the comments below!

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  1. Nathan


    It is all well and good if your parents are alive?

    Only if the parents are bipedal and ambulatory can you bring them to a Gay Parade. A wheelchair might work if you decorate it…accordingly. Crutches might work, also, if you cap the ends of the crutches with the Gay Colors.

    A Walker will work as long as you decorate it, too. All will be well and good if they are alive…and they have to be alive!

    However, the child can walk and carry his parents’ spirit within him…that is what we gay males and females do when we are no longer anyone’s child.

  2. Friar Chicken

    If Pride was a serious, dignified, classy event making a social-political statement, as it originally did, yes, bring parents, but it quickly degenerated into a drag queen, porn and kink-celebrating slopfest that is a worldwide embarrassment, saying that gay people only exist to amuse the rest of the world and that we cannot control ourselves. Sickening. Massive exploitation.

    • Nathan


      Well-written and right-on-the-mark!

      A few years ago, I went to the Gay Parade in Greenwich Village, New York. What I saw and what I heard were both an anathema and an antithesis of what the “Pride” is suppose to exemplify.

      Screaming males all decked-out in costumes, drunk, drugged and half-naked. They and the Parade did nothing to change the average Heterosexual’s perception that we exist as a self-deprecation and self-flagellating sample of the population.

      While I served, I acted with Pride, Dignity and Service. I am retired now, but, when I will be laid to rest, I shall wear my uniform as I wore it…alive.

      Kudos to you for writing well and accurately.

    • tek

      Not just massive exploitation, corporate exploitation as musicians and brands try to get us to spend money with them just because they cover something in a gaudy rainbow. Then this blog and numerous others laud them as revolutionary and allies.

  3. Hunter0500

    The notion of bringing Mom and Dad to a a stereotypical Pride event made me smile. What bettter way to share yourself with, and to bond with, them than to bring them to meet your friends, many of whom are wasted, nearly naked, and aimlessly meandering around in the street. Vacation Memories that will last a lifetime!

  4. Lamar

    I’ve been saying for years, it’s time for a “new attitude” or to revolutionize ‘that’ whole thing. I mean, they already know about drag-queens and leatherman and that kind of stuff; but more and better, fuller representations as to ‘who, we fully are in the work force of America.’

    Why, why are we always and seemingly, predominantly always portraying the sexual side of the ‘many things’ that we are, we’re so much more than that aren’t we? I know I am. For these reasons, I quit going myself, let alone, if my parents were still here, no I would not, it’s become to one dimensional, too limited.

  5. anonimatovato

    As much as I like Pride parades, even the ones that are more toned down still has clad males in there gogo dancer type underwear where you see their bulge and ass. Nuff said.

  6. J. S.

    I thought I was the only one who thought the whole pride thing is a shit show. I’ts like some one put together an anti homosexual meme making party. I even thought of one myself, take a picture of some debauchery at a pride fest and label it “(your most disliked non Democrat politician here or religious leader) gave me aids.” The hate of other people for political reasons is to abundant. Another poster said about the gaudy rainbow commercialism, well what about every progressive political hack wrapping themselves in a rainbow flag? I’m not a victim to be coddled, or propagandized. People who don’t like me I leave them behind. Ive been sickened by the fake scene too long, all the virtue signalling and other shit, I’m done with it. I don’t need others knowing my business, way to much drama in that. Enough said.

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