(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Lady Gaga’s Official YouTube Account)

Lady Gaga is back with a new song, guys! It’s called “Stupid Love” and the single comes with a phenomenal video where the queen and her tribes can be seen wearing colorful, elaborate outfits—in pink, violet, and yellow to name a few. The music video (said to have been shot entirely on the iPhone 11 Pro), according to critics, is “possibly one of the strangest and most beautiful videos that Gaga has ever done” because it “looks pretty epic in terms of scope, scale and shape.”

The song itself, however, received somewhat mixed reviews from critics. Slant Magazine for example, described “Stupid Love” as “catchy but uninventive slice of electro-pop.” MEA WorldWide on the other hand, thought the song was “surreal, moving, beautiful and fantastic;” that it “features a lush orchestral score and a strange alien landscape with Lady Gaga evidently queen of the pink people on this magical interstellar world.” Lastly, MEAWW described their costumes as “magnificent and evidently from the year 3000.” Moreover, Rolling Stone described “Stupid Love” as a “dance jam.”

Naturally, the Little Monsters are going gaga online. “Stupid Love” is, after all, the Mother Monster’s first solo single since Joanne, her album in 2016. She did release the single “The Cure” in 2017 and there was the A Star is Born soundtrackin 2019 that won an Oscar for Best Original Song “Shallow.” But you know, she’s Lady Gaga, we can never get enough of her. Take a look at what the fans are saying online: 

“Stupid Love” is one of the tracks from Lady Gaga’s upcoming sixth studio album reportedly called Chromatica though the release date of said long-awaited album is currently unknown. Watch it below or stream it here.

Happy viewing!

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