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Lady Gaga’s much-awaited sixth studio album Chromatica is finally here, guys! Did you listen to it already? It’s very electro tech and there’s even some trip hop vibes to it. 

Chromatica has a 16-song track list, two of which has been released earlier: Stupid Love and Rain on Me, a collaboration with Ariana Grande. 

That being said, we think Babylon has Madonna’s Vogue beat and feels to it while 911 sounds like Swine, a song she did on her previous 2013 album called Artpop. All in all, Alice is my favorite song in the album because it’s very Gaga: I love the beat, the back vocals, plus the production sounds expensive. Free woman is good too. 

Anyway, reviews are pouring in. According to The Guardian, Chromatica is Lady Gaga’s “most personal record” and her “most straightforward” yet. Hollywood Reporter said the album is “filled with synth-filled, dance-y tunes.” Billboard on the other hand, said that “while Chromatica is a universal album, it’s not an impersonal one.” They added that “Gaga packs nearly every song with subtle shades of her vulnerabilities” citing the song Fun Tonight which reflects a mounting disconnection between her professional power and personal sadness.”  

You can purchase Chromatica here or you can listen to the album in full below:

Lady Gaga dropped her song with Elton John titled Sine from Above hours before Chromatica’s release. Their song was described by fans as a “pleasant surprise” and “amazing.” Personally, we don’t hear the chemistry between both singers but at the same time we find the collaboration interesting because Elton John is a legend. 

Meanwhile, Lady Gaga’s song with South Korean girl group Blackpink called Sour Candy is very 90s-inspired and the girl in the intro sounds like Britney Spears. Sour Candy by the way, made history today by becoming the most viewed female collaboration of all time in its first 24 hours. As of this writing, Sour Candy had already garnered over 24M views on YouTube. 

Take a look at what the fans are saying online about Chromatica below:

Happy listening!

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