Ian McKellen’s film titled The Good Liar (2019, Bill Condon) is currently in theaters near you. It tells the story of a consummate conman named Roy Courtnay (played by McKellen) who, this time around, had set his eyes on the recently widowed Betty McLeish (played by Helen Mirren), a millionaire. He plans on tricking her out of her money and it would’ve been just a simple swindling job but it’s as they say, things don’t always go as planned and before Roy knows it, the situation had already gone complex. The film also stars openly gay actor Russell Tovey as Stephen—Beth’s suspicious grandson, Jim Carter as Vincent, Mark Lewis Jones as Bryn, and Lucian Msamati as Beni to name a few. 

Anyway, in accordance with the movie’s theme, Queerty had taken the time to ask their readers about the biggest lies they’ve ever told their dates and here are the answers: 

  • that I got to be up early in the morning
  • my age
  • that I topped
  • that I was single
  • that I am looking for love

Watch their interview below: 

While it is said that a lot of people lie about their age to their dates, it is not the first in the list at all. The top lie that people tell their dates is said to be their sexual history. 

Of course at some point of our life, we’ll all have a sexual history but others say it’s not so much about the number of partners that we’ve had although that could be a concern to some people. Rather, it’s about lying regarding their sexual health that concerns others because sometimes, the offended party only learns there’s something to worry about when they’ve already contracted, say, chlamydia or syphilis from their partner.

What about you, guys? What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told your dates? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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