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Fantasy: Sex with Gay Pizza Delivery Man

We want to know exactly how common this fantasy is, guys, so let’s start with you: have you ever fantasized about having sex with your pizza delivery man? How does this fantasy of yours play out? 

Maybe he had been delivering your pizza for the past month or two and he flirts with you every single time but nothing ever really happens because that’s all he could do. To show that you are down to fuck, you finally kiss him and drag him inside your apartment where the two of you have hot sex all night. Or does your delivery man force his way into your home, tie you up, and have his way with you? (And there’s the reason why it’s a fantasy, folks. We run the risk of going to jail for it if we do this in real life unless of course, we are roleplaying and the delivery man is actually a hookup or a boyfriend and the scenario has been prearranged.) 

Anyway, we are bringing this up because we read about it in threads from time to time where guys would ask, and we quote, “how to cruise while working?” In this thread, the original poster (OP) was asking for tips on how to hint that he is down for a quick hookup with his customers and responses from askgaybros users included, “No one wants to hook up if it means their food getting cold.” While most of them discouraged OP and reminded him that he could get fired and worse, sued for sexual harassment if he acted on his fantasy. 

On a separate thread, the OP asked, “What was your most sexual encounter as a pizza delivery man?” A respondent related that he was a pizza delivery guy when he was 18 and his usual stop was the dorms at a local college. He said that this was in mid-90s, and in one of these dorms, “some smart ass” used to yell down at him as he make his way up the building, telling him how cute he was. Moreover, the male resident would describe to the delivery guy in “great detail” how he was pleasuring himself to him. The delivery man said it happened every time he made a delivery and that he’d get angry and tell the resident he’d “kick his ass,” but the mystery guy (he never saw the other guy’s face) would just yell back and tell him he looked sexy when he’s angry. 

Anyway, has anything like it ever happened to you? Were you ever propositioned by your delivery guy for a blow job or sex? Is this a fantasy of yours and if so, what did you do? Do you flirt with your delivery guy? Maybe you’ve roleplayed with your hookup already with you or him playing the role of a delivery man? Whatever the case is, please share with us your delivery guy fantasies and stories in the comments section below!

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  1. Rick

    Pizza Hut delivery guy is such a stud and I don’t like their pizza at all but they get my business so I can check out the man’s buns in his tight pants, if only I can muster up the courage to ask him out

  2. Randy

    Never have pizza delivered, but sure have the hots for the postman. Boy would I like to invite him in for a break…and a romp!

  3. Ed Cooper

    Not a pizza boy, but a cable installer. Decades ago…he was young and pimply and effeminate. I was just a high school boy. I was thin, ignorant in what I wanted, and ignorant of his flirting. It was summer, and he had crawled under the house. He was sweaty and dirty and with his pimples, he had to work hard to pass for average. Today, I would have taken him to bed, sweat and all, and let him have his way with me. Geez, I was a stupid teenager.

    • Sharon

      True story! I was at a friend’s house, dressed up, having sex with him & a friend of his for several hours. When he ordered pizza for us to rest, gather strength for more action! When the doorbell rang he told me to answer it ( dressed up slutty) that it was probably the pizza guy & money was on table. When I opened the door this young average looking guy was standing there I awh looking me up & down with this confused facial expression. Looked at the ticket, thinking he might be at the wrong apartment. My friend & his friend, naked on the couch tell him it’s the right place come on in. He follows me to dinning room table, places pizza on table, tells me the cost & I hand him the money! My friend tells him to keep the change. I tell him change is only a dollar & change! So he tells the pizza guy he could get a BJ as tip if he wanted! So guess who had to give him the bj tip? Yes! Me! So as he stood there nervous as hell! I get on my knees & start to unzip & unbutton his pants! I could feel there was something hard & large in there! This kid had a huge thick 8″ rock hard cock! They heard my excitement and came over to see! So as I started sucking on his cock they were telling me to take it all down my throat! With little effort I was able to, since my throat had been fucked & stretched already! About the 3rd time I went down on him he came! No clean up needed! He buttoned up & said he gets off at 2am if we were up he’d like to cum back! This was around 11pm. By 12:30 the other guy left after more sexy! My friend was spent. So we wanted till 2. Thinking he wasn’t coming. We went to bed. 30min later, doorbell rings! He and a friend show up! Sucked & fucked them both for about an hour. We got free Pizza delivered every Friday or Saturday night for about 6 months. When we asked for him to deliver they told us he had quit.

  4. Ernest

    I have never fantasized about a deliver man. That I can remember anyway. It is a logical fantasy in some sense because it is a person showing up alone at your house. And has been a common p*** cliche for decades. And if you’re someone that often receives deliveries from attractive men, pizza delivery men are often young guys, then you have real life experience to feed that fantasy. But I’ve never lived in the city so I’ve never had a pizza delivered.

  5. M.Cooper

    I was a pizza delivery driver when I was 19. Made delivery to house. 2 guys there. 1 answered door 1 on phone. He said guy on phone has the money. I stood there waiting. Funny thing is, I hear guy on phone saying, your dick better smell like zest soap when you come home. He gets off phone and pays me. Saying, sorry for that. Sometimes you just have to be a bitch. I said no problem. Take the money and turn to leave. Other guy right there as I turn. I hear behind me “you have a bitch” ? No Not now. How bout we help you out? I was thinking they were going to take back the money. Guy blocking my exit says relax, we good. Turns me around back to other. And in a flash guy that was on phone is in front of me on his knees unzipping my jeans. Let us help you out. You’re going to love this. Before I knew it my cock was in his warm, no, hot mouth. I actually thought this guys mouth is so hot he must have the flu. Second guy had moved my hair on my neck and was licking me. I was trying not to laugh or move. Because this tickled. Next thing I feel is what felt like a warm wooden stick between my legs. Nope, was the guys cock behind me. Putting it through my legs. There I was having one guy sucking 2 cocks between my legs. When his mouth was off my cock and he looked up at me. I said I have to get back with the money. They both stopped. Let me be to pull up my jeans. And said get back with us after your done tonight so we can finish. I left out the door. As soon as I sat down in my car. Boom. I felt it. Thought I was peeing. Warm load going off in pants. Got back and owner says without looking at me, put an apron on. I need help. Just my luck. A very strange work night. The 1 and only time…..

  6. D

    I had a fantasy that came true with the delivery guy. He was so hot, I ordered weekly hoping he would be the delivery guy. I flirted with him every time he came by. One night he came by and he had more than my food. I answered the door and he had a bag in one hand and a full erect cock in the other. I pulled him inside and I swallowed the erect cock , tossed his salad and let him go deep inside my ass with his thick tool. It was amazing! He was so hot! I never thought I would ever be able to get him in reality, but I was very persistent and it paid off in a big way. We messed around Once more after that before he was moved to working inside the store.

  7. John

    Hey guys well, it was not with the pizza guy but I was staying at a nice hotel in Mississippi. I had a hook up in my hotel room and we ordered room service. The hook up was naked in the bed and I got up to answer the door wearing only a thong. Room service guy was very hot but had couple hours till the end of his shift. We ate out meal at about 1 am I heard a knock on the door. It was the room service guy who came back to service us. He spent the night and served my hook up guy about three times. That’s a great hotel

  8. Paul Ramirez

    A friend of mine was hosting a party. When he ordered pizza, knowing who was working delivery, and that he had a crush on him. They had not met prior. When he delivered the pizza, we invited him in to check out the party. We were all a bit nervous because no one knew for sure if he was gay. We invited him back after his shift. He eagerly accepted the invitation. When he returned my friend gave him the biggest shot of goldschlager I ever saw. Once the party was winding down a bit, my friend got exactly what he set out to get… Right there on the living room couch, next to where I was getting lucky as well.

  9. jim markus

    I guess I’m strange, never fantasized about anyone, and I have a real life and am not starting to waste time on it now.

    • Hunter0500

      While I sometimes do some fantasizing, it’s not often. First, I don’t fantasize over straight guys. Think it’s not respecting them for who they are. Second, I prefer investing the time I would have wasted fantasizing on quality time with play buds, as well as using A4A and another site I’m on to get to know new guys.

  10. smith

    all the pizza guys look at me funny cz i only go for pizza after being used by a fuck buddy. i like the smell of him so i tend not to wash after he’s had me. them guys, they know. its like that cz i’m in london.

  11. Jim

    For me its the UPS Guy. The summer uniform with the tight brown shirt, tight brown shorts and boots with the brown ups socks. I have a package that needs special handling!

    • Richard W Hoehn

      Reminds me of a straight oriented joke a friend told me:
      The UPS deliveryman shows up at the house, and the home alone woman says “Oh I like your package, can I handle that for you?”
      Reply: “Yeah…as long as there isn’t a delivery in nine months!”

  12. Lamar

    Not the pizza delivery guy, but my UPS man, wow! He caught me in the shower, there’s the window over the tub, he winked and said he could use a shower right now, I asked if he wanted me to make some room for him. The next time he came back, “I told him to hang-on a sec- only in my boxers,” he says, “oh that’s ok” I thought oh no it’s not, ’cause see I’m gettin’ hard now, so I just laugh. It’s just those big handsome-deep-set brown eye’s of his, ugh! I’d love catch a whiff of him sweaty.

  13. Mark Denver

    I actually have had the fantasy with the pizza delivery guy. He delivers the pizza but I forget that I did not have any money. He is is pissed because he will have to pizza hut for the pizza. Anyway he forces one slice down my throat smearing it on my face, The next slice he wraps around his hard cock…. Hes’s still pissed and calls a pizza delivery friend to tell him what I did. the first pizza guy puts me on all 4’s and I’m still sucking his cock and he has me by the hair. I hear my door open and…….

    Please finish the story 4 me.

  14. Eightinchmwm

    I fantasize about sex with a delivery guy so much that whenever I have pizza or food delivered I like to go commando in thin basketball shorts or grey sweatpants, sometimes wearing a cock ring to further accentuate my bulge. So far, there have been no results but I plan to continue running this experiment until my fantasy comes true.

  15. Derek

    I haven’t had that many “hot” pizza delivery guys. When I was in college and delivering pizzas though one time had to delivery to a hotel and the guy answered the door in just a towel still wet from his shower. Sexy hairy older man. I was nervous and knew I was curious about guys but like I said still clueless so I got my money and left. Dumb dumb dumb probably lol.
    I do have a sexy as fuck UPS man that delivers packages, wish he’d add his to my deliveries. He’s scruffy, dark hairy, blue eyes, GREAT hairy legs that look hot in those shorts and socks and boots of his. Nice bulge every time I’ve checked him out. Probably going to remain a fantasy but it’s a nice one to jack off to from time to time

  16. hardtopftl

    Delivery guys rarely have the time unless u r the last on their route/shift. Installers and repairmen are much more in control of their time. Did the cable guy, he must have liked it because he came back several times ; )

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