We want to know exactly how common this fantasy is, guys, so let’s start with you: have you ever fantasized about having sex with your pizza delivery man? How does this fantasy of yours play out? 

Maybe he had been delivering your pizza for the past month or two and he flirts with you every single time but nothing ever really happens because that’s all he could do. To show that you are down to fuck, you finally kiss him and drag him inside your apartment where the two of you have hot sex all night. Or does your delivery man force his way into your home, tie you up, and have his way with you? (And there’s the reason why it’s a fantasy, folks. We run the risk of going to jail for it if we do this in real life unless of course, we are roleplaying and the delivery man is actually a hookup or a boyfriend and the scenario has been prearranged.) 

Anyway, we are bringing this up because we read about it in threads from time to time where guys would ask, and we quote, “how to cruise while working?” In this thread, the original poster (OP) was asking for tips on how to hint that he is down for a quick hookup with his customers and responses from askgaybros users included, “No one wants to hook up if it means their food getting cold.” While most of them discouraged OP and reminded him that he could get fired and worse, sued for sexual harassment if he acted on his fantasy. 

On a separate thread, the OP asked, “What was your most sexual encounter as a pizza delivery man?” A respondent related that he was a pizza delivery guy when he was 18 and his usual stop was the dorms at a local college. He said that this was in mid-90s, and in one of these dorms, “some smart ass” used to yell down at him as he make his way up the building, telling him how cute he was. Moreover, the male resident would describe to the delivery guy in “great detail” how he was pleasuring himself to him. The delivery man said it happened every time he made a delivery and that he’d get angry and tell the resident he’d “kick his ass,” but the mystery guy (he never saw the other guy’s face) would just yell back and tell him he looked sexy when he’s angry. 

Anyway, has anything like it ever happened to you? Were you ever propositioned by your delivery guy for a blow job or sex? Is this a fantasy of yours and if so, what did you do? Do you flirt with your delivery guy? Maybe you’ve roleplayed with your hookup already with you or him playing the role of a delivery man? Whatever the case is, please share with us your delivery guy fantasies and stories in the comments section below!

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