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Have you ever had sex with a porn star, guys? What is it like to have sex with them?

Anyway, we’re asking because a number of gay men are dishing the details of their day with a porn star. Some of them revealed that yes, sex with porn stars is as good and as hot as the porn movies they’ve watched on screen. And that, you know, adult porn stars are indeed amazingly good at sex.

The actual question of the original poster was:

“Would you hookup with a pornstar?

If yes, why? And what would you do to make the sex as safe as possible.

If no, why?

Also, would it be different than hooking up with a ‘normal’ guy?”

One of the respondents shared, “Yes, because I already did lol. He definitely ruined hookups afterwards for a bit to me. (The) man knew what he was doing.” One netizen urged him to clarify by asking, “What do you mean that he ruined hookups afterwards for a bit for you?”

He then explained, “Just that during the hookup with him he did everything I liked during a hookup perfectly, even made me cum handsfree so that was a first. It was Bryan Knight btw.”

Another gay man revealed, “Yes. I have. Accidentally. Learned he was pro while I was balls deep. The way I see it, they are likely to be safer than almost anyone other than a trusted partner.” He added, “Bonus points for being hot, charismatic, and well, you can imagine. The sex was phenomenal.”

Meanwhile, one guy jokingly replied, “Of course. One time I was in a threesome with Griffin Barrows and Leo Giamani, it was amazing until I fell off the bed and woke up.”

A lot of responses highlighted how stringent STD testing is for porn stars. One respondent said, “I think the current adult industry practices are that studios will only hire actors for shoots if they’ve had a cleared result in the two weeks prior to the shoot date. For actors that are getting consistent work and want to maintain availability, they get tested 6 times every 3 months.” Another reply confirms this as a guy’s post reads, “Friend of mine is a porn star. He says he feels much safer sleeping with other porn models than with random hookups. Apparently, the testing is extremely thorough.”

Having said all that, have you ever had sex with a porn star, guys? Was it exactly how you imagine sex with them would be like? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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