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Are you drawn toward muscular men, guys? Do you find muscular men attractive? Most importantly, do you feel pressure to be fit and well-muscled, to have that “perfect” muscular body?

A gay man on askgaybros asked, “How important are abs or generally muscles to you?” He added, “I like a muscled body with big arms/chest/abs but it’s not necessary for me, I find skinny and average guys attractive too as long as they know how to clean themselves, how about you?”

One respondent shared, “I like a muscles guy but (I) don’t really care about abs. I’d prefer to see and nice pair of pecs than a set of abs.” In contrast, another man replied, “I prefer guys bigger than me, either physically or in height. It doesn’t really matter if the person is fit. I really prefer a chubby guy to a fit one, but overall, that doesn’t matter. As long as I can feel his full body weight on me, I’m fine.”

Further, a gay man said, “Being fit is important to me. Don’t have to have abs but a hanging belly is a turn off.” This response got a comment that reads, “It’s the opposite for me. I mean… I don’t mind fit guys (too lean is kind of a no no) but belly? Fat? Oh, hell yeah give me more please.”

Meanwhile, there are guys who said that health is more important to them, like this guy who said, “Well, I don’t care that much about abs specifically, but I do prefer slim over muscular with a belly. Though I could still date either.” For other people, kindness and attitude count, too: “Zero importance. Their intelligence and kindness are always the real deal for me. Body wise, as a bottom I tend to like someone who is taller or at least the same height as me regardless of their muscle mass.”

Anyway, did you know that one in five gay men have refrained from engaging in sexual activities due to body shame? More importantly, they are also ten times more likely than straight men to experience an eating disorder.

The study also found that in general, gay men are more likely to voice greater concerns about their appearance compared to straight men. They often attributed these concerns significantly to media pressures to conform to specific standards of attractiveness. In relation to the statement “I feel pressure from magazines and television to have a more attractive physique,” 58 percent of gay men agreed to this statement, in contrast, only 29 percent of straight men said yes. This suggests that gay men are twice as likely to perceive a pressure to meet the body standards set by the media.

Moreover, gay men also tend to believe that others would evaluate them based on their appearance, making them spend a greater portion of their day contemplating their looks, and comparing themselves to other men. However, intriguingly, both gay and straight men reported similar levels of pressure from their romantic partners regarding their physical appearance. Read the study in full here.

Having said all that, what about you, guys? How important are muscles to gay and bisexual men when it comes to dating and/or hooking up? Do you prefer muscular men? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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