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Hey, guys! So, recently we received a blog post idea from one of our avid Adam4Adam Blog readers named Father Hennepin. He said, and we quote:

Here’s a topic: Why do ‘hung’ guys always brag about their size? Why do they think it is their ‘biggest’ asset? What is so great about a bigger cock anyway? Asking for a friend….

Personally, I think this is because many gay and bisexual men love big dicks. And, whether we admit it or not, whenever we’re trying to land a date or hook up, we not only put our best foot forward, it’s also the time when, you know, we bring out the big guns. I guess this is the reason why some guys brag about their size. Don’t you think so, too?

This brings us to the topic at hand, is size really everything in the gay dating/hookup scene?

I think not. But to a number of gay and bisexual men out there at least, this is the case. In fact, a previous study conducted by GMFA, “a British health promotion charitable project that campaigns to improve gay men’s health,” revealed that 22% or one in five gay men have rejected a sexual partner because of their penis size. It’s no wonder 38% of the respondents admitted that their penis size causes them anxiety.

Moreover, the study found that 16% of the respondents were on the receiving end of derogatory comments made about their penis.

But does penis size matter? Majority of the respondents or 49% replied no to this question, while 37% said yes, and the remaining 14% admitted they didn’t know.

Lastly, 74% revealed they are happy with their penis. Read more about the study here.

But why do people in general obsess over penis size? It’s because society associates the penis with social power and worth. The human penis they say, symbolizes male sexuality, masculinity, virility, and fertility to name a few.

With that said, would you break up with someone or would you reject a hookup because of their penis size? Conversely, have you been rejected before or did someone break up with you because of your penis size?

Last but not least, do you brag about your size? Is size really everything in the gay dating/hookup scene? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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