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Have you ever been to a gay bathhouse, guys? It is called many names: gay sauna, gay steambath, gay spa, “a commercial space for gay, bisexual, and other men to have sex with men.” Also known as “the baths,” “the sauna,” or “the tubs,” the establishment is “used for having sexual activity rather than only bathing.” Read more about it here.

Anyway, we’re bringing this up because a gay man on Reddit was curious about what other gay guys’ first gay sauna experience is like, and do they have any tips for first-timers? The original poster (OP) explained, “So, I wanna go to gay sauna but I’m nervous what to expect or even if I’ll feel comfortable. I have body dysmorphia.”

One reader shared:

I first went to a sauna in Costa Rica. Incredible. One of the best parts people don’t talk about is the sense of being in a secret place. It’s just us in here, the rest of the world wouldn’t understand and they aren’t invited.

Yeah, it’s sexual which is awesome. It’s also relaxing, fun, fascinating, and weird. Just be safe but not too safe.

Another guy replied, “Just go and try to enjoy yourself because you know who also has body dysmorphia? Those really big muscle boys at the gym. Why do you think they do that to themselves?”

Meanwhile, another guy said:

My first time and every time was a mix of boredom, fun, and occasional mild apprehension. On the whole, I always had a good time but there is room there for people without perfect bodies to feel a little bit left out.

What about you, guys? Have you ever been to a gay bathhouse? If so, how was your first gay bathhouse experience? For readers who have never been into one and are curious about gay bathhouses, click here and here. Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

Having said all that, there’s currently a monkeypox outbreak and BHOC advises that you abstain from sex and refrain from going out to bars, gyms, clubs, saunas, and other events if you are feeling sick. Read more about monkeypox here.

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