Health: Generic Truvada To Come Out In 2020

Truvada, the PrEP drug manufactured by Gilead Sciences, has changed the way the gay community deals with HIV. That said, it’s pricing is prohibitive, making it hard to acquire for people of color and those who may not be as well-off.

That’s set to change in September 30, 2020, when Teva Pharmaceutical — an Israel-based manufacturer of generic drugs — releases a generic version the HIV prevention medication. This is after Gilead released its patent on Truvada to Teva Pharmaceuticals earlier than expected.

First reported on by Filter, it appears that Gilead reached a settlement agreement with Teav Pharmaceuticals back in 2014, allowing the company to launch a ““generic fixed-dose combinations of emtricitabine and TDF and generic fixed-dose combinations of emtricitabine, TDF and efavirenz” in the US.

This is definitely a huge step in making Truvada available for even more people. However, activists are questioning why it has taken this long to release the patent and for a generic version of the drug to be produced.

Dr. Aaron S. Lord of the activist group PrEP4ALL said in a statement to Filter that while releasing a generic version of Truvada is an important step, Gilead can do so much more to make Truvada widely available.

He writes: “Even their announcement today leaves Gilead with exclusive rights to Truvada as PrEP for another 15 months and Teva as the only generic manufacturer on the US market. This will do little to reduce price in a way that will increase access and PrEP4All remains suspicious of the terms and lack of transparency surrounding the Teva settlement. I have to ask, what’s to stop them—other from a desire for profit margins—from releasing the rights now?”

What do you guys think of this newest development? To our Adam4Adam blog readers who use Truvada, how big of a help would it be to finally have a generic version? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Barry-NJ

    In the US, the first generic on the market is typically not much cheaper than the brand drug. It appears that we won’t see real price relief until at least January 2022. Given that Truvada was developed with US funding, this is unconscionable. Even more so because Truvada is so much more expensive in the US than in other countries.

  2. Chaz

    Gilead has been taking extreme advantage of PrEP users for years at totally inflated pricing. Why would those kind of profiteers ever give up one dollar, did you think they and compassionate?

  3. Michael

    I presently do not have health insurance, however, I didn’t find it at all hard for me to be prescribed Truvada for free. I went to the AHF Wellness Center in my area, had my HIV and STD tests done and once confirmed negative of HIV I was immediately prescribed the medication for free. All testing was for free, as well. I personally wouldn’t trust a generic branch over the real thing when it comes to a disease such as HIV.

  4. Tony Martin

    I find your article on Generic Truvada interesting. While Teva Pharmaceutical cannot make it to the US market for another 15 months, the Teva product is now already available in Canada and has been approved for some time now.

  5. bjjj

    In the article above, why would it be harder for “people of color” to afford the drug over other “white” races. Isn’t that sort of a racist statement? Personally I am white, and there is no way I can afford it. My BF happens to be black and their is no way he could afford it either. I imagine even when the generic version comes out, it will still be quite expensive. It seems as if the affluent population gets well cared for in all aspects of health care. But not so with the lower income brackets. All medications, and health care is way too high. There should be some way to regulate the healthcare and drug industries, to make it affordable to all.

    • Eric

      No, it is not racist. The stats come directly from the CDC. There are a variety of reasons of why people may not be on PrEP. Affordability should not be an issue, though. A simple 30 second Google search can show you clinics in your area where you can get PrEP for free.

    • Hunter0500

      In reality, “covered by insurance” does not make it free unfortunately. Dollars for that coverage come from premiums paid by people on a given plan. Premiums in the US have skyrocketed in the past several years and copays and deductibles have go up as well. The Affordable Health Care Act is great for those with no income. It slams anyone who does, however. And yet, there are people in the US who still for unknown reasons don’t have coverage. A better plan, one which reduces the crazy costs seen under the he current way healthcare is delivered, is what’s needed. “Insurance” only increases the appetite for dollars of the hungry beast we currently have.

  6. tek

    Maybe the activists should invest the millions of dollars it takes to bring a drug to market and then can question why someone wants to make use of their patent while legally allowed to do so. I’m sure the shareholders of the company are looking for return on their investment and not to appease random activists that have an organization solely about making a pill cost less.

    • Barry-NJ

      Truvada was developed with a substantial investment by the US government. It isn’t unreasonable to expect that drugs financed, in part, by the taxpayers should be available at a reasonable price. Too many people who claim to believe in capitalism are all in favor of privatizing gains and socializing losses.

  7. Jason

    It’s called safe sex. These activists should stop acting like grown men can’t possibly take responsibility for their life choices and Gilead absolutely must do everything in its power to make Truvada free

  8. Libertarian Queer

    Really, Dave? It’s actually harder for people of color to acquire Truvada than us colorless people? Why don’t you explain to me how it is I see all these people of various color varieties indicating they’re on PrEP here on A4A. Tell me how they acquire the PrEP. After that, maybe you can explain to me why it is so damned expensive for my colorless ass to get it. Is it because Gilead has to make some money so they raise prices on colorless people so they can practically give it away to all those people of color? That seems unfair to me if it is the case. Can’t those people of color afford condoms? Is that why I have to buy condoms instead of PrEP for my colorless dick and ass? After all, condoms are far less expensive than PrEP on a price per fuck basis and what you seem to be telling me is either:

    A) People of color can’t afford condoms so the logical solution in your mind is to provide them PrEP for pennies on the dollar and let colorless people pay for it, or,

    B) Colorless people deserve a higher risk factor than people of color as far as sexual activity is concerned just because they’re colorless.

    C) You’re just “virtue signaling” because you’re racist at heart and buy into the idea that color matters above all in your decision matrix therefor you bring the issue of color into a discussion that is actually about personal finance.

    Liberalism truly is a mental disorder and I think you’re eat up with it.

    • Dave

      There are stats about rates of HIV amongst people of color. I suppose that is the reason why.
      Same in Canada…
      Nobody’s racist, these are facts from CDC and government.

      • Lamar

        I just knew, somebody would be, stupid enough, to try and challenge the findings of the CDC; whereas the break-down of cultures/race vs. affordability/availability. One could, explain to great length and these dummies still can garner no comprehension, as to the divide… we of color face

        • Libertarion Queer

          Lamar, why do you suppose this “culture/race vs. affordability/availability” exists? I didn’t challenge the CDC, I challenged Dave’s lumping color into a conversation about drug affordability. Last I heard, everybody that hires people must fall in line with the rules set up by the EEOC. Last I heard, no educational facility, doctor office or hospital, restaurant, car dealer, etc. can discriminate on the basis of color. It’s been that way for quite a long time now.

          I suggest to you that people of any color, or who are colorless, who see themselves as being held down by somebody of a different hue take a good long look in a mirror to see exactly who is holding them back. The USA is a land of opportunity and freedom because we are all free to succeed or fail based on our own merit. Its not about skin color, it’s about capabilities and the drive to succeed. Some folks got it, some folks don’t. Color has nothing to do with it.

          • Barry-NJ

            “Last I heard, everybody that hires people must fall in line with the rules set up by the EEOC.”

            They are certainly subject to the rules. It doesn’t mean that they follow them. Unless one is overt in doing so, it is easy for an employer to discriminate. What usually trips them up is that they say things during interviews (or in job descriptions) instead of keeping their mouths shut.

            In addition, a justice system with disparate treatment, however unintentionally, of people of color (for instance, the disparity between penalties for possession of powdered cocaine and crack cocaine) means that POC have a harder time finding well-playing employment. That impacts their incomes, as does attendance of lesser-quality schools.

  9. Alex Jaime

    I was taking Truvada by Gelead and by the 3rd month I experienced bone density deficiency and pain in my joints.
    I stopped taking it. I use condoms instead. Cheaper without the side effects of Truvada.

  10. farmdude

    wish they would, I for one am not able to afford this meds, and feel to that they don’t care about the lives of people, if they don’t see a dollar sign they like, the hell with the ones that can’t afford it.

  11. Rollo

    Gilead is indeed a profiteer. There are other sources of the generic available for as little as a US dollar a day. You have to look for them internationally, but they’re available– the same formulation Gilead sells.

    Six years on Truvada. HIV-free.

  12. Okzebra

    I agree with the comment that a drug developed in part from taxpayer funding is not more affordable or reasonably priced yet, somehow, Canada manages to get the generic out today. This means public money to develop a drug that would not otherwise be developed is now provided to enrich private companies. This is corporate welfare if I ever saw it. By the same token, private industry does not have the luxury to spend money on research (pure research) that may not result in a drug for profit from research (applied research). There has to be a middle ground where, when government funds pure research, a drug is found and corporations are given it to market, the price and it’s generic are reasonable.

  13. TiredOfIt

    You just answered your own question, backed by the fact that blacks have eight times the new HIV infection rates as whites. Reason? Predatory drug pricing by Gilead and an again-broken health care system in the US, thanks to tRump.

    • Eric

      The prices of drugs were out of control before Trump, due to greedy CEO’s. I hate the Orange Anus but am not going to blame him for something he is not responsible for. Do a 30 second Google Search and find a clinic in which you can get PrEP for free.

  14. Nathan


    Why all-the-brouhaha over Truvada?

    If we males are practicing “safe-sex,” Truvada is incidental. Truvada is only valid if “safe-sex” is not being practiced.

    Only those who are not practicing “safe-sex” need to be concerned about affordable Truvada as it ‘retards’ viral transcription; it does not inhibit other STDs.

    We males are smart enough to know what is really being said in the blog: some of us are not practicing “safe-sex” so affordability is paramount to HIV-.

    Using what is between the ears is free and obtainable by all…for all. It is so very simple: have sex with both your brain and genitals and that will be the ultimate “Truvada”.

    • Barry-NJ

      “If we males are practicing “safe-sex,” Truvada is incidental. Truvada is only valid if “safe-sex” is not being practiced.”

      Frankly, these “if only” comments are beside the point. If all heterosexual men used condoms correctly during sex with women, the “pill” would not be needed! If women only had sex when they were prepared for a child, then there would be fewer unwanted children. If only people regulated their drinking, there would be fewer DUIs. If only men had practiced safe sex, they wouldn’t need anti-virals now. And, the list goes on.

      But, you’re living in a fantasy world. For any number of reasons, people wind up with HIV. Let’s live in the real world and recognize that Truvada has a vital role in breaking the transmission of HIV.

      • Nathan


        I do not live in a fantasy world. My late, younger, brother was a product of my father not wearing a condom.

        Hence, I had carelessness in my own family; thus, I do not live in a fantasy world, but, I am logical.

  15. Libertarian Queer

    Hey, let’s beat the drums of presidential hatred some more and talk about voting against one’s own self interest, shall we? Look what the evil Trump just did! (sarcasm intended)

    “What we’ve been able to do is negotiate a donation — a donation by Gilead of enough drugs to care for 200,000 people every single year for up to 2030 — so billions of dollars of donations to the U.S. that will be devoted to the uninsured and those who can’t afford access to this medicine,” (HHS Secretary) Azar explained. My comment: You’ll notice there was no mention of color or lack thereof in the article.

    There’s you some MAGA. 200,000 more Americans on PrEP until the year 2030. Thanks, Donald J. Trump!

    Or, maybe I should be a whiney little bitch about it because I, as a SELF MADE, colorless, half-assed rich guy, will probably be discriminated against so I’ll have to pay full price while those who lack initiative go on about their merry way living in their Mom’s basement and having bareback romps with whoever will have them. Meanwhile, I’ll still get up every day and provide jobs for people of color and the colorless ones alike. I’ll also pay taxes that go towards freebies for those who are simply too deranged or lazy to do anything on their own. I guess I’ll just have to keep buying condoms and exercizing sexual restraint. I mean, one doesn’t get rich by spending all of one’s money on PrEP. The up-side is I’ll save a few dollars PLUS I won’t have to worry so much about all the other STDs if I stick with condoms.

    • Lamar

      Liberated and rich? And still, clearly, ignorant. You seem to be taken things rather personally, get over yourself, is all you have to do.

      I could, tell you some actual events in my personal life, of “in your face racism,” corporate/employment, housing and 3 times now, being a ‘victim’ of predatorial practices (pulled over while black) of our dear esteemed law officers, that parallel history.

      Talk about tone-def, you live in willful blindness-denial, you do so, because its just unbearable
      for you to realize, that your “colorless” physicality, has allowed you to succeed. There’s nothing for you to really boast about.

      I think if you were, of color, came from a broken home, poor or raised in a ghetto, grew-up on AFDC (welfare) and experienced the success that you allege, then, you’d have something to talk about, had you escaped that kind of agency.

      • Zmannyc3

        Yeah you’ve been so victimized forever that your numbers have grown from fewer than 500k in 1600s (in North America) to 45,000,000 today. People like you are suffering from institutional victimhood. And as for “predatorial” practices, the crime stats clearly show that blacks, not “people of color”, account for the vast majority of violence against ALL groups. Waaaaaaay our of proportion to your percentage of the population. So get over yourself.

  16. Forest Walker

    The writer seems to think black are underemployed or not intelligent to go to almost any Gay Clinic or the like and get the medication for free.

    • Dave

      it depends where you live Forest Walker.
      In NYC or L.A yes u are right.
      But in the bible belt, might be harder to find, for free.
      And no black men are not stupid or unintelligent, but there are stats that shows that black men and latinos are more at risk. That is why many health advertisers put most of their budget to target black/latino men, even on A4A, Grindr and all other gay apps.

  17. Rich Phillips

    I am still using condoms. I cannot fully trust Prep. Who knows long term what it does to our kidneys, liver, pancreas and intestines? The drug came on the market as a wonder drug, but it is not a cure for HIV Aids. you have to continually take Prep unlike a vaccine to prevent HIV/Aids. I’d rather play it safe and continue my use of condoms because I am not sure what effect the drugs will have on my body. Rich

  18. Eric

    First of all, even though it is expensive, many clinics offer it for free. It takes 30 seconds of research to find a place near you. If you have medical insurance, you can get it for a very low cost, or even free. I have a co-pay but Gilead provides a co-pay card, meaning they cover your co-pay. So instead of saying &/or whining about not being able to afford it, find clinics that offer it, they are literally all over the US.

  19. me

    silly gays, kill your bones and liver? lol funny funny funny ! keep taking it, and man do guys taste gross who take it, wow I bet you got your vac shot 2! Beyond the mercury-based preservative thimerosal, a known neurotoxin that has been linked to many serious health conditions including autism, vaccines are rife with other often questionable components, such as:

    Egg protein
    Monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    Polysorbate 80
    Aborted human fetal tissue

    …no studies have been done to determine potential synergistic effects of multiple vaccine ingredients given in combination.
    An extensive list of all ingredients in all vaccines can be found here, but it’s important to highlight (or lowlight, if you will) what some of the most potent components actually are, and what impact they may have on the health of our children.

  20. Zmannyc3

    President Trump recently secured a deal for Prep, a donation from the manufacturer for I think 10 years worth of drug at no cost to the patient. Of course the leftist media either ignored it, or complained it was too little too late.

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