Truvada, the PrEP drug manufactured by Gilead Sciences, has changed the way the gay community deals with HIV. That said, it’s pricing is prohibitive, making it hard to acquire for people of color and those who may not be as well-off.

That’s set to change in September 30, 2020, when Teva Pharmaceutical — an Israel-based manufacturer of generic drugs — releases a generic version the HIV prevention medication. This is after Gilead released its patent on Truvada to Teva Pharmaceuticals earlier than expected.

First reported on by Filter, it appears that Gilead reached a settlement agreement with Teav Pharmaceuticals back in 2014, allowing the company to launch a ““generic fixed-dose combinations of emtricitabine and TDF and generic fixed-dose combinations of emtricitabine, TDF and efavirenz” in the US.

This is definitely a huge step in making Truvada available for even more people. However, activists are questioning why it has taken this long to release the patent and for a generic version of the drug to be produced.

Dr. Aaron S. Lord of the activist group PrEP4ALL said in a statement to Filter that while releasing a generic version of Truvada is an important step, Gilead can do so much more to make Truvada widely available.

He writes: “Even their announcement today leaves Gilead with exclusive rights to Truvada as PrEP for another 15 months and Teva as the only generic manufacturer on the US market. This will do little to reduce price in a way that will increase access and PrEP4All remains suspicious of the terms and lack of transparency surrounding the Teva settlement. I have to ask, what’s to stop them—other from a desire for profit margins—from releasing the rights now?”

What do you guys think of this newest development? To our Adam4Adam blog readers who use Truvada, how big of a help would it be to finally have a generic version? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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