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Bottoms, what do you love about getting fucked? Gay tops: what do you love about topping?

As we all know, sex is a deeply personal and varied experience, with each individual finding joy in different aspects of connection and pleasure. For bottoms and tops, specific moments and sensations often stand out, creating memorable experiences that enhance their sexual encounters. In this article, some gay men share their favorite aspects of their roles, providing a glimpse into the diverse world of sexual enjoyment.

For many bottoms, the sensation of being penetrated brings immense pleasure. The feeling of fullness and the depth of penetration are also key elements that bottoms often enjoy. The psychological aspect of surrender and trust adds another layer of excitement, making the experience both physically and emotionally fulfilling. The ability to please their partner and the mutual exchange of energy contribute to the overall satisfaction. One gay man revealed, “When you feel that ‘open up’ feeling.” Another guy agrees with this, he said, “Top or bottom for me it’s the same. I love that feeling of the first penetration.”

Further, one bottom shared, “Obviously getting my prostate hit but that’s too obvious so I’ll say the best part of having a dick in me is how I can always tell I was recently fucked in the last few hours and it’s really hot as long as the guy wasn’t too big or aggressive then that feeling is actually painful but when it’s not, it really turns me on when my hole feels freshly fucked.”

Meanwhile, a vers guy [short for versatile, someone who is comfortable and enjoys both the top (active or giver) and bottom (passive or receiver) roles in sexual activities] shared, “As a bottom, it’s the anticipation of their cum inside of me.” He added, “As a top, I like it when they reach back and grab my balls or I like hearing them moan with pain/pleasure. And watching their cock flop.”

Having said all that, for tops, the act of penetrating a bottom can be incredibly gratifying. Many tops find pleasure in the control and dominance they exert during sex. One top explains, ” The looks and sounds of the bottom as I move inside them. Giving them the pleasure they want is a turn on and an ego boost.” This rhythmic sound and physical connection can heighten the experience, creating a powerful sense of intimacy and arousal.

The physical sensations of penetration, combined with the visual and auditory cues from their partner, can significantly enhance the top’s experience. The dynamic interplay between giving and receiving pleasure fosters a strong bond, making the encounter more intense and enjoyable for both parties.

In conclusion, the dynamics of sexual roles within the gay community are as diverse as the individuals themselves. Whether you’re a bottom reveling in the physical sensations and connection with your partner or a top enjoying the control and pleasure of penetration, the experiences and preferences are uniquely personal. This exploration of what makes each role enjoyable highlights the importance of communication and understanding in sexual relationships.

What about you? What’s your favorite thing about topping and or bottoming? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!

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