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We encountered this question which we thought would interest you: “What’s the longest you’ve edged, before busting a load? How big was the load, once you released?” The original poster (OP) of the thread then added, “I think I’ve gone 2 hours max and I shot myself in the face. lol Never been a marathon edger. Although, I’ve heard of guys doing it over a period of days. The anticipation coupled with the extreme sensation, for me, becomes unbearable.”

Edging, by the way, is defined as a “sexual practice of holding off right at the point of ejaculation. To some people, edging makes the final climax much more intense.” Other terms for edging include peaking, or surfing.

Anyway, one of the respondents of the thread said, “Normally I’ll edge for about 2-4 hours at a time. Longest for me was probably around 12 hours. When I finally shot it was like a thick trail of ropes up my abs, chest, and on my face.” Another gay man on the other hand, shared, “2 days. Man, those cumshots were incredible. I can’t do more than that. Even edging right now and I’m about ready to blow.”

Further, another guy replied: “I think my max was around 3 or 4 hours. Back in my early 20s, roommates were outta the house for the weekend, and I had nothing going on lol.” He added, “My dick and balls were aching by the end but it was probably still to this day the largest load I shot haha went clear over my shoulder multiple times lol.”

Here are two videos about edging:

What about you, guys? Do you practice edging? Do you prolong your orgasm as well? Do you agree with them that orgasming is a much more intense experience with edging? Share with us your thoughts and stories below!

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