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So, what gets you in the mood, guys?

We are asking because some gay men were sharing online the things guys do that aren’t explicitly sexual but will immediately get them in the mood.

“Looking into my eyes while having a conversation,” one popular response to the thread reads. “It’s so true,” a guy who replied to this comment said, “There’s a certain look.”

Meanwhile, one respondent confessed, “A guy I’m dating talks on the phone with me for hours, and when he says emotionally open and loving words to me, I get erect.” This seems to be true to many others because there were several agreements not to mention some responses that were a derivative of it like this one that says, “Weirdly enough, an honest and deep conversation. My partner getting vulnerable and talking about his emotions and struggles….it turns me on. It just gives me such a strong feeling of intimacy and connection with him. Makes me feel trusted and wanted.”

On the other hand, this one guy said, “If I see any muscle get flexed, that will do it. And I don’t mean the obvious arm or ab flex. I mean like reaching for something on the top shelf and see the calf muscle. Just simple everyday stuff.”

Here are the other popular responses, and we quote:

  • Remove his hoody that causes his undershirt to ride up revealing his happy trail
  • Back rub, breathe on my neck, sing to me
  • Facial hair, especially a well-groomed stubble beard or mustache. Strangely, it’s such a turn on for me
  • Don’t wear deodorant. Not like, don’t bath for a few days, bath by all means, but don’t wear deodorant and smell like a man! Gets me every time.
  • Be nice, give me his undivided attention and make me laugh. Oh, and eye contact. Big smiles.
  • Showing off chest hair…like a button down with a few buttons undone

Having said all that, what about you, guys? What are the things that other men do that aren’t anything remotely sexual but will turn you on fast? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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