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So, your new hook up is an uncut guy, how do you pleasure him? How do you give him a hand job or how do you give a blow job to guys with an uncircumcised penis? Is there such a thing as technique for pleasuring uncircumcised men? Is there such a thing as pleasure points that we must know in order to make our partner cum?

Anyway, we are bringing this up because a gay man online asked how to “please uncut guys.” He explained:

I’ve only been with 2 or 3 uncut guys. I understand that there are sensitivity issues compared to us cut guys. Apparently, not so much with fucking, but with hand jobs and blowjobs. I know everyone is different with their preferences…But uncut guys, tell me what you like or what not to do.

One gay man advised, “Don’t rub the head directly with your hand directly while jerking him off. Don’t pull the skin back too much. Like getting licked under the dick head.”

In addition, someone shared, “My main gripe is grabbing from the base and yanking like you’re trying to start a lawn mower.” He added, “Allow the foreskin to come up, over the head. Grab just below the opening and pull down toward the body. Maintaining that grip, pull it back up toward the head. The foreskin should roll up and down like you’re pushing and pulling a shirt sleeve up and down. Repeat.”

Meanwhile, someone said, “Some comments have said to focus less on the head, which is true but not completely. You can suck on the head, but don’t make that the whole event, and don’t suck on it like you are literally trying to suck the cum out of him.” He added, “For me personally, don’t stick your tongue in my urethra. A few guys have tried that with me, but I find it not pleasurable and sometimes painful. I also had one guy try to stick his fingers under my foreskin, no thank you to that.” You can read the entire thread here.

Having said all that, how about you guys? How do you pleasure uncut guys? Do you have a technique or stories that you can share with us? Comment down below!

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