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Do you ever wonder what kind of vibe you give off? And which one are you actually, guys? Are you a “Dom Top,” “Top,” “Vers Top,” “Vers,” “Vers Bttm,” “Bttm,” “Power Bttm,” or a “Sub Bttm?”

Whether we like it or not, people take one look at us and make judgments and assumptions. We fall into a stereotype based on their preconceived notions. Sometimes, it’s we ourselves who do the judging; most times we are the ones who are being judged, but sometimes, sometimes, we are curious as to how other people see us.

This is the case of some Twitter netizens who took to the aforementioned platform to ask fellow social media users what kind of impression or vibe they give off. Check out some of their tweets below:


Anyway, we Googled the terms presented above to check how different or similar a sexual preference is from the other. According to Urban Dictionary, a “Dom Top” is a “masculine gay guy, rough top and dominant, who likes innocent and shy bottoms” while a “Top” is the “one who I N S E R T S inside their partner (mostly gay couples).”

As for the term “Vers” or versatile, it is “used to indicate that a man is willing to be either a giver (top) or receiver (bottom) of anal sex.” As regards the term “vers top,” Urban Dictionary defines it as “someone who does the top for sex but willing to be topped too,” this is the opposite of “vers bottom” which is regarded as “someone who likes to bottom but is willing to top if the other party is wanting.”

But how are the terms “Bttm,” “Power Bttm,” or a “Sub Bttm” different or similar from each other? A “bottom” is a “male who receives the anal penetration in gay sex and, usually, but not always, performs the oral.”

In addition, a power bottom is a bottom as well. However, he “tends to be in charge, and feels most powerful when bottoming; the one who bottoms is the one on the “throne” so to speak, “taking” the Top.”

Lastly, a power bottom is reportedly the complete opposite of submissive bottom. The latter is the “partner in gay sex who lets his partner do whatever he wants to him in sex.” Their partners are said to be usually power tops. In addition, submissive bottoms are “common and usually prefer doggie style and knee bender sex positions.” They are someone who “prefer anal sex and blow jobs to be slow and calming.”

Do you agree with their definitions, guys?

Meanwhile, another netizen made further clarifications as to how the terms Dom and Sub versus Top and Bottom are different from each other. They said: “Dom/Sub refers to how much control or power someone has over another” while “Top/Bottom refers to action.” Read more here.


Having said all that, what vibe do you give off and which one are you actually, guys? Do potential dates or hookups think you are a “Dom Top,” maybe a “Top,” or a “Vers Top” when you are actually a “Vers,” or a “Power Bttm,” or a “Sub Bttm?” Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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