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Hey, guys! Our hottie of the day is Luke Macfarlane (Single All The Way, Rock Paper Dead). I recently watched Bros by Universal Pictures where he played the role of Aaron, Bobby Lieber’s (played by Billy Eichner, The Lion King, Noelle) love interest, and I couldn’t help but notice how hot he is.

If you don’t know who he is, Luke Macfarlane is a Canadian-American actor and musician known for playing the role of Scotty Wandell on Brothers & Sisters (2006–2011), as well as RAC Agent D’avin Jaqobis on the Space television science fiction series Killjoys (2015–2019). I have yet to watch both but I did watch him on Single All The Way and Supergirl.

Macfarlane revealed in his interview with Vanity Fair that as an actor, he initially wanted to do action movies like such as G.I. Joe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe or play a superhero character like in The CW’s Smallville.

Unfortunately, he was unable to secure such roles. “I can literally remember an agent once saying to me, ‘Superman can’t be gay’—like just straight out.”

Further, he recalled, “I do remember being frustrated, seeing other actors and straight guys my age—and I never want to make it about that, but—thinking, Why are they getting [the parts]? Why am I not getting them?” He added, “The post–Brothers & Sisters moment was scary, for sure. I was like, ‘Dude, I’m the perfect age for this stuff.’ And it wasn’t clicking, for whatever reason.” Read the interview in full here.

The 42-year-old heartthrob reportedly came out as gay on 15 April 2008 during an interview with The Globe and Mail. Over the years, he was linked to fellow actors like Charlie David, Grey’s Anatomy star T.R. Knight, actor and scriptwriter Wentworth Miller, as well as Chad Slivenski – a semi-retired American professional wrestler cum actor.

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