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Are you tough enough for love?

The question, which is from Universal Pictures’ upcoming film titled Bros, is supposedly rhetorical, but please feel free to post your answer in the comments section below if you’re up for it. I personally think it’s a great thought to ponder on any given day.

Although a gay rom-com movie, the storyline, described by a single sentence—“Two men with commitment problems attempt a relationship”—hints at a bit of drama. Or maybe that’s just me, we’ll see once the movie drops in theaters this September 30.                           

Anyway, I love comedy films. For me, there’s nothing like one to lift my mood, especially after a particularly trying or stressful day. I mean they did say that laughter is the best medicine and they’re right, which is why when I saw the trailer of this movie, I can’t wait to share it with you as it had me laughing out loud.

The gay rom-com film stars Billy Eichner (The Lion King, Noelle) as Bobby Lieber. Eichner co-wrote Bros with Nick Stoller who, by the way, also directed said film. Stoller is an English-American screenwriter and director best known for directing Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008), and its sequel, Get Him to the Greek (2010).

Bros also stars Luke Macfarlane (Single All The Way, Rock Paper Dead), who plays the role of Aaron, the love interest; Ts Madison; Monica Raymund as Tina; Guillermo Díaz; Guy Branum as Henry; and Peter Kim as Peter; to name a few.

Bros is reportedly the first gay romantic comedy film from a major studio that boasts of “an almost entirely LGBTQ principal cast,” barring two exceptions being actresses Debra Messing and Kristin Chenoweth, whom Stoller described as “allies” of the community.

Happy viewing!

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