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So… spanking, guys, do you find it hot or not?

I always say everything in life is relative, so for sure, some of you – our dear Adam4Adam blog readers – would say that yes, you love being spanked during sex while some of you would say no, you aren’t into it.

Other readers, on the other hand, would probably think it is hot, but only in theory. Only as a fantasy and not in reality (they say it’s mainly because spanking hurts our hands and butts). Quite a few would probably even say that no, spanking isn’t hot but there are Adam4Adam members who also said they’d be open to trying it.

Personally, I am not into it though I can’t say I’ve ever really tried. Spanking gay porn videos don’t do anything to me either, but that’s just me, of course.

Anyway, we’ve taken a look at what some gay men online have to say about spanking. One of them shared, “Playful spanks, yes. A little pain is a nice spicy addition to sex. But hard “punishment spanking” is a good way to end the encounter.”

Meanwhile, another said, “I’m honestly not that interested in spanking or even bondage if there isn’t actual fucking involved.” He added, “It’s irritated and bored me since I did those soft-core bondage videos that drove me batshit wondering when we got to the sexy parts, but it was always just about discomfort and torture. I hated it so much it fucked up a lot of BDSM forever for me.” Read the entire thread here.

All that being said, Adam4Adam members out there who haven’t tried spanking yet, do you think you would be open to trying spanking? Do you find it hot? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and your spanking stories in the comments section below.

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