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Speak Out: What Are Your Most Pleasurable Experiences in Life?

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It’s as the title says, guys: what, for you, are the most pleasurable activities and experiences in life? 

We all lead busy lives, we all get caught up in the rat race that we forget to stop and smell the flowers, so to speak, which is why that is exactly what we will do today. 

Anyway, if your top answer is having sex, then you are not alone in that regard as most of the studies we’ve read online so far revealed that yes, sex is the number one most pleasurable activity for netizens. In particular, people from the U.S., U.K., France, Spain, China, and South Korea think so too, according to this study, although there are countries that don’t quite agree. In Japan for instance, sex merely ranked 5th while eating a delicious meal is, for them, the most pleasurable thing in the world; in Taiwan being with the people they love ranked 1st (having sex was 3rd) while in Germany hugging someone they love comes first and having sex was 2nd.

The result of the study above is consistent with the conclusion of this research that says, “Adults require human touch to thrive” and that “touch is truly fundamental to human communication, bonding, and health.” Personally, I agree with the result of the survey as our basic instinct is to have sex, eat, and sleep which goes to show that indeed, the best things in life are free or most of it anyway. 

All that being said, other pleasurable experiences that made it to the list include masturbating, taking a hot shower or bath, laughing, getting a massage, being in a beautiful place, playing sports or exercising to name a few. Although I must say I would add these things myself: listening to music, reading, watching movies and concerts, volunteering, and traveling.

What about you guys, what are your most pleasurable experiences in life? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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  1. Nathan

    Nathan writes:

    I’ll reduce this to the “two most pleasurable experiences of my life… .”

    1. The first time I donned my Cadet Uniform.

    2. When I walked into my house after having spent ten contiguous years overseas. I had made it and I had returned home, safe but not necessarily sound…?


  2. Andrew

    I can think of several things that would out-rank sex as my most pleasurable experience. Sex is fun and can be exciting, but it pales to other wondrous things that happen across a lifetime. Two things come to mind: Band camp as a teenager and my first overseas trip. In my mid-teens, I attended band camp at one of the larger universities – my first time away from home without my parents for a week. I had a blast! I grew up in a town in which everyone was black. At band camp, there were 350 white students, about 5 black students, a few more asians, and I can remember only one latino. Early on you relaize that people are just people. We weren’t confined to “black, white, asian, latino” – we were just kids – being nerdy about music; our specific instrument; playing in the band or orchestra; and during tryouts, who was going to get first chair. 🙂 The band camp actually cut an album of the final concert and I found it several years ago. God, we were out of tune! At the time, I thought we were great. The entire experience was magical and one of my fondest memories from childhood, and I get a rush everytime I think about it.

    My first overseas trip was to london in my mid-20’s. I had gone for business and was there for a month. After the work day and the weekends, I think I saw every tourist highlight of London and surrounding areas. The people were nice, the weather was perfect, the museums were fantastic, the history fascinating, and the landscape of ruined castles was magical. Bath, Leeds, Oxford, Dover, Avon – it all came to life. I even did a diastrous drive to Castle Howard (the site from Brideshead Revisited) from London – what was I thinking? 🙂 I got lost so many times that by the time I arrived, the castle was closing. I had never driven on the “other side of the road” so that entire process was challenging along with being stuck in a round-about. We didn’t have GPS then so I relied on (outdated) maps and become lost several times. But, I didn’t care. What’s not to like about being lost outside of London? Overall, it was a great trip and opened my eyes to seeing and experiencing the rest of the world.

  3. arturo

    The point made in the introduction about touch is quite true, and yes, studies show that touch not only makes you live longer, it makes other experiences more pleasurable. Sure it’s fun to drive in a road race, the thrill of speed, the pursuit, the sounds and smells. It’s more fun to drive a rally, with a co-pilot who you can talk to, touch, make eye contact with and come up with stories good for the rest of your life.

    So whatever you find to be the most pleasurable- even masturbation, get someone to touch it with you and it’ll be even better!

  4. Ron

    Besides sex:

    1. Seeing a great Broadway show (like “Hello Dolly” with Bette Midler or “Grey Gardens” with Christine Ebersole.)
    2. Attending a first rate opera performance (and I’ve seen many) at the Met Opera/London’s Covent Garden/Vienna’s Staatoper with world class singers like Jonas Kaufmann or Sondra Radvanovsky. (That usually keeps me up for hours)

    3. Reading a good book or going to a first run hit movie.
    4. Travelling to London/Paris/Berlin/Vienna…all fav and exciting cities.

    ..and it all becomes more memorable when you have someone you love to share it all with you.

  5. Marcus

    I would say the birth of my kids and grandkids. I got a huge thrill watching my kids and grandkids playing sports. My son was the quarterback for the high school football team. He was the talk of the town. I never felt prouder. I put all three of my kids through college and watching them graduate from college was very rewarding.

  6. Jim

    The first kiss I ever shared with another man that was not driven by just sex. I still love him even though we have been apart for many years.

  7. Hunter4B

    These were really fun to read (Especially Andrews) I so agree that there are many things that the mind recalls as truly pleasurable, beyond physical.
    One of mine is taking full control of a trip for a loved one who had lost someone. I made the plans, booked the hotel, executed all the driving etc., so they would have NOTHING to worry about. We were in our early 20’s and still in college; we ended up in San Francisco (90s). It was amazing walking around a BIG city like that, experiencing food revolutions, stores, and restaurants. Trying new things I would never think of eating at the time.
    However, the best was as the trip was winding down, walking, holding hands, and feeling safe and loved; knowing I had gone all out for someone I was truly, deeply, and passionately in love with, and their constant touches, loyalty, and words of devotion spoke volumes.

  8. Patrick

    I think that Lamar hit the nail on the head… 1st time falling in love with someone who fell in love with me… there is just something magical about that first time, knowing it isn’t a fling but the real thing.

    Spending a completely lazy day listening to a Debussy, Chopin, or Vivaldi and completely forgetting the world around me.

    Introducing a book, piece of music, or a film to someone younger and seeing the excitement in their eyes that I had in mine, when I first enjoyed it.

    Staying up all night talking with your closest friend and being shocked when you discover that morning has come.

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