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Hey, guys! Is there such a thing as blowjob etiquette that every guy should follow when giving or receiving head? I encountered a question online that is somewhat similar to this, which admittedly made me curious, hence, my reason for bringing this up to you.

If you do a quick Google search on blowjob etiquette, you will get 82,700,000 results. Yep, that many, so we will try to summarize and delve into what both the magazines and the gay men on Reddit say about the topic at hand, and tips that we agree with. Check out some of them below:

If you are on the receiving end of the blowjob, one guy reckons (and some of the magazines I’ve read agree with this), that you should inform your partner when you are about to come. One Reddit user, named sergeantorourke, advised, “Relax and enjoy it. Tell him what you like as he goes and by all means tell him when you’re close to cumming so he can avoid a mouthful or be ready for one ;)”

Another one is consent. Is it something that you both want to do? Because, you know, a blowjob shouldn’t be a chore; it’s an act that you both should enjoy doing. This point is also kind of related to communication. A Redditor named pacsatonifil said (and we agree immensely with him), “Talk to him and ask what he wants. Both of you should be communicating.”

Most importantly, if you are the one receiving head, you should keep your hands active, but most certainly please do not fiddle with your phone and browse your social media accounts while your partner is blowing you. User frankyfudder advised that you and we quote:  

  • Gently caress his face/hair
  • Rub his shoulders gently
  • Gently wrap your hands around his neck
  • Hold his head and guide him    

This particular user actually has many other useful tips including making use of our voice by moaning, telling him it feels good, etc., and making use of our eyes by staring at our partner. Read the thread in full here.

What about you, guys? What do you think are the rules one must follow when giving or receiving head? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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