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We already asked you about this way back, whether you are a top, bottom, or vers. But today, we’d like to ask you this as well: how did you know which sexual position you prefer? We are asking you because a gay man on Reddit brought this up. He asked, and we quote:

Like many of us, someone decided for me when I was fairly young and I kinda stuck with it. Tried topping a couple times but I wasn’t really into it.

I’m wondering, how did you guys know?

Before we look at their answers, let’s talk about what a top, bottom, or vers mean. Firstly, the bottom is the “receiver,” and the top, on the other hand, is the “giver,” while vers is actually short for versatile and is called as such because it means that the guy is willing to be either the “giver” or the “receiver” during anal sex.

But did you know that there is another term?

There is also such a thing as a “side.” A side, according to Urban Dictionary, is “a gay man who does not partake in anal-penetrative sex; a gay man who enjoys all aspects of intercourse with the exception of anal penetration.”

Going back to the question at hand, I don’t know about you, but I’d say the best way to be able to tell what you prefer is through experience? Here are some of the gay and bisexual men on Reddit had to say about the topic:

“A guy fucked me and I was in heaven,” revealed one particular user.

Another shared, “When watching porn I always imagined myself being the one who tops, it just came naturally.” He added, “I wouldn’t refuse to let someone who I trust/love to top though, although I don’t feel the need or desire to bottom.”

Meanwhile, one guy shared one of his experiences which turned out to be a revelation for him. He confessed, “I had a GF who I was out to. She really got turned on by my bisexuality. She started fingering me which led to toys which led to me breaking up with her to date men!”

What about you, guys? How did you discover that you were a top, bottom, side, or vers? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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