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Our hottie of the day hails from Wichita, Kansas, United States. Colton Lee Haynes is a 33-year-old actor and model. I first saw him in MTV’s supernatural drama series called Teen Wolf (2011) where he played the gorgeous lacrosse team captain Jackson Whittemore. I noticed him right away because as I said, gorgeous.

From his breakout role, we followed Colton’s career to his role as Roy Harper/Arsenal in The CW’s Arrow, an American superhero television series. We also saw him at Fox’s Scream Queens and very recently, he released his memoir titled Miss Memory Lane where he talked about coming out as gay and how it is like, living the Hollywood dream.

Colton had already previously talked about how it is, being a gay actor in Hollywood. “Before I came to Hollywood, I was confidently queer. Years of mixed messages in the industry changed that,” he said in an essay he penned for Vulture.

Anyway, in the aforementioned book, Colton also talked about his relationship with his parents, his addiction and mental health, as well as how he almost didn’t get his role on Teen Wolf. The latter was because of a specific photo shoot he did with gay men’s magazine XY as a teen alongside his then-boyfriend. His manager reportedly told him, “Look what almost happened, Colton. The head of MTV almost didn’t hire you because of that XY photo shoot we’ve been working our asses off to extinguish.” Check out Colton’s photo on his official Instagram account which he posted himself last year or see below.

Further, Colton shared, “I understood because it was explained to me repeatedly—by managers, agents, publicists, executives, producers—that the only thing standing between me and the career I wanted was that I was gay.” He added, “It’s not just straight people who are the gatekeepers—the call often comes from inside the house.”

Moreover, Colton Haynes said in a recent interview:

Basically having to go back into the closet for my career was really damaging for me. You know, having to take ‘movement for the actor’ classes to fix my mannerisms, and having to put Post-It Notes and things under my tongue to fix my lisp, and having to talk an octave lower. Trying to just be seen but also hiding that part of ourselves, it can be really detrimental to your mental health.

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You can purchase Colton Haynes’ book, Miss Memory Lane, here. Watch Colton read from his memoir through this link.

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