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Did you have an active sex life last year, guys? If so, how many guys did you sleep with on 2022?  More importantly, do you really count the number of people you slept with?

We are bringing this up because a netizen on askgaybros asked the users on the website what their “body count” was in 2022 and “who showed you the best time?”

First and foremost, “body count” in dating and relationship is the phrase used to refer to the number of people with whom one has had sex with. The term is reportedly “often used about men and is often seen as a way to measure a man’s sexual prowess in recent years.”

Anyway, one guy replied that the only guy he’s ever had sex with was his boyfriend, and not just last year but ever while another guy confessed he never had sex last year but that “I masturbated myself a lot.”

Further, a guy shared that he had his first kiss last year, while another man revealed that he had sex with two guys, “about 40 times with each one of them.” Meanwhile, one guy confessed that his number is six “though two were guys I dated, so I was getting laid a lot more then that number would indicate.” He added, “Best was the more recent boyfriend, handsome young French dude who had never been with a guy before who I met at school.”

But is it healthy to keep count of your sexual partners?

According to the University of Melbourne social scientist Dr. Lauren Rosewarne, “It’s neither healthy nor unhealthy to keep count of your sexual partners — it’s just data.” Further, she explained, “The unhealthy aspect is obsessing over this and deeming the number, be it high or low, as somehow reflective of your worth as a person.”

Having said all that, do you even count the number of people you slept with? Do you disclose that number to your potential bedfellow or to your partner if they asked about it? Would the number of men your potential S.O. had slept with bother you? Why or why not? 

Personally, I think that body count shouldn’t count. Whatever a person’s number is, what matters is that he had not hurt or forced anyone to bed—himself or the other party for that matter. And more importantly, he had practiced safe sex, because today, we have plenty of condom brands to choose from out there, and we can also opt to sign up for MISTR’s free PrEP services.

However, I do think it would bother me if these numbers reflect the guy’s self-worth and if it is used to bolster his ego. If, you know, he sleeps around in order to earn himself bragging rights.

Thoughts? Share it with us in the comments section below.  

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