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Did you know that autumn is the season for sex?

“Autumn, at least according to popular opinion, is the season of colds and melancholy,” Business Insider reports.

They added:

During the autumn, when leaves change color and drift to the ground we are reminded unequivocally of the passing of all things. Add wind and rain into the equation, and it may all add up to depression.

Business Insider then explained that love is the best cure for depression. “Strolls amid fall foliage are so romantic — and the season ushers in a deeper quality of love than the summer flirt: when it’s stormy and rainy, we seek to create more warmth on the inside.” 

Do you agree with the scientists, guys?

Whatever the case is, our Extreme Sex Stool is a great way to heat up your cold autumn. It is hot and great for all bottoms and versatiles out there and for tops as well who want to please their bottoms. 

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