It’s as the title says, guys, do you find hairy legs a turn on or a turn off? Should men shave their legs? Do you shave your legs? 

We’re bringing this up because we stumbled upon a thread asking the gay men on Reddit whether or not they find hairy legs attractive. A user named black_gravity27 replied that for him it’s an: “Absolute turn on. I love body hair anywhere, everywhere, and the more the merrier. A man can’t have too much for me.” 

User Cassiopeia78 concurs; he said that he, “Absolutely love hairy legs. They are super sexy.”  Further, he went on to say, “Actually body hair in general is hot.”

Another user named Wyskla-arch agrees with black_gravity27, but he explained that shaved is fine with him, too. He said, “Any body part that’s hairy is attractive to me. I guess it’s the sort of primitive/masculine features that I particularly like about them.” He added, “I have some body hair and always wished I had more just because it adds definition (at least to me) to a body. Shaved is alright too, but 100% prefer body hair. There is never too much for me haha.”

Though most gay men on the thread who responded to the original poster (OP) find hairy legs sexy, that they get turned off when someone shaves their legs, there were others like TinyViolinist who find hairy legs a turn off. Similarly, for HowShallIPutIt, hairy legs are a: “Huuugggee turn off! Even mine grosses me out.” He confesses that he gets “rid of it all and plan to have it permanently removed.”

Meanwhile, users like SV7N92 said that hairy legs are “definitely a turn on;” however, for him it’s “not a requirement.” And there are of course, others like Salazar-Prince who finds themselves “indifferent” or unconcerned whether a guy has hairy legs or not.

Having said all that, what about you, guys? Do hairy legs turn you on or off? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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