As we have mentioned a few days ago, May is Masturbation Month and the 28th of May is International Masturbation Day. Which brings us to this question: how many times do you masturbate in a month, guys? 

Did you know that masturbating often could help in reducing your risk of prostate cancer significantly? Yes, it does! According to the results of a study done by Harvard University, men who orgasm for at least 21 times a month and more, lower their risk of getting prostate cancer by 33%.

The study involved 31,925 male participants who were surveyed about the frequency of their self-love for 18 years. The researchers also tracked who among the participants were diagnosed with prostate cancer during the period of study. Moreover, they were assessed again during: “the year before the questionnaire was distributed, in their 20s, and again in their 40s,” reports

The result of the study indicated that the more frequent men masturbate, the more they lower their chances of developing prostate cancer. However, In addition to “flushing out harmful toxins and bacteria build up in the prostate” through ejaculation, masturbation is “an opportunity to engage in self-care,” says Dr. Ian Kerner, a New York City based psychotherapist and sexuality counselor. Dr. Kerner explained too, that: “Masturbation can also be a healthy distraction mechanism and a natural way of regulating anxiety.”

Of course, masturbating at least 21 times a month is not the only factor that reduces one’s risk of prostate cancer. Dr. Kerner recommends that men exercise often on top of getting a regular physical checkup that includes a prostate exam among many others. Check this link for more information.

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