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Does your significant other’s body odor turn you on, guys? If your answer is yes, then you certainly are not alone in this regard as some men are addicted to “man scent.” 

One of GQ Magazine readers named Daniel defined man scent as “the smell of a man that’s had a long day at work, come back from a run, or just been at the gym.” The magazine cited the definition of the co-creator of PHILE Magazine Mike Feswick as well, which is: “a divinely potent smell, specifically one that causes arousal and sexual pleasure.”

Man scent—also referred to often as man musk—gets some gay men excited most particularly when their partner or boyfriend doesn’t wear deodorant. As for what others think, we stumbled upon this thread online and one guy said something similar: that body odor is hot for him “especially musky/smelly BO. Armpits.” 

You’ve read it right, guys. Smelly armpit seems to be what turn gay men on the most. In fact, another guy on the same thread confessed that a man’s musky armpit can give him an erection. On the other hand, some of the gay men on said thread love the musky smell of a guy’s: taint, balls, ass, neck, and feet.

Others, however, find body odors a huge turn off. One of the guys in the aforementioned thread said, “Please do the world a favor by continuing to shower on a regular basis. A bunch of horny gays on the internet might appreciate your raw, pungent man odor, but I assure you the rest of the general public do not.”

Though there are also others who said that it depends, that while they find “fresh sweat” hot, “dank and stale stink is not.” The guy explained, “Generally, if I’m responsible for him getting all sweaty, then it’s hot. If he’s been stress-sweating all day, not.”

Having said all that, have you ever wondered why you get attracted to a man’s body odor, guys? Well, science has the answer. 

Dr. Charles Wysocki of the Monell Chemical Senses Centre in Philadelphia said that their study revealed how body odors are linked to sexual orientation. What’s more is that it is the first of its kind, said Dr. Wysocki.

The study, according to The Independent, found that “the human nose can not only sniff out suitable sexual partners, but it works especially well for gay men.” Its most significant findings stated that: “gay men prefer the smell of other gay men and that lesbians responded differently to body odour compared to heterosexual women.”

Further, Dr. Wysocki said, “The overall conclusions are that the body odour you most prefer or least prefer does not depend on where it comes from but it also depends on who you are, in other words, your sexual orientation.” Read more about it here

Having said all that, how true is the study for you, guys? Are you attracted to fellow gay men’s body odor? Are you into armpit sniffing like most of the guys mentioned above? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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