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Have you ever been cheated on, guys? If so, what did you do? Did you stay with him/them and did the two of you try to work it out? Conversely, have you ever cheated on someone and if so, why? 

We are asking because we stumbled upon a thread by -SSUnknown- whose boyfriend cheated on him with said boyfriend’s best friend. He is, therefore, asking netizens for suggestions on what he should do about the situation. He related that they’d been in a relationship for over a year now and “almost living together for a year.”  

They recently got into a huge fight that resulted to him leaving the apartment for a few days but when he came back, he “felt like something was off.” He explained, “My boyfriend felt sick, and kept on getting me nice things, or doing more around the apartment (more than usual).” And then he noticed the missing condom, so he decided to talk to his boyfriend but in a roundabout way at first. “Did you do anything while I was gone?” His boyfriend lied and said, “No, I was just here, and **** came over, that was it, why are you asking?”

When he told him about the missing condom, his boyfriend “sighed, and told me he did things with his best friend.”  He added, “His best friend and I WORK together, we’ve known each other for YEARS, almost 4. I can’t leave because of my lease, and he doesn’t have a job right now, so I’d be abandoning him, my cats, and my other pets, with him having nowhere to go.” Read his post in full here. 

If you were the original poster (OP) of the thread, guys, what would you do?

Some readers like grannys_bussy think the cheating boyfriend deserves a second chance, “He’s a good guy because he told the truth, I personally think he needs a second chance. If he does it again then I would tell him third strike or he’s done.”

Other guys like user SnooPuppers7959, on the other hand, think that he should leave his cheating boyfriend: “People fucked up? Like when accidently falling on a dick? Every cheating is several mistakes. Having sex is a multi-steps process he could have stopped it before the act and choose not to.”  

However, a few respondents on the thread said that their decision depends on the situation. Reader DashTiger84 said that if it were him, his decision would depend on the cheating boyfriend, “If the cheater is remorseful and comes forward about the infidelity, then there is a chance it truly was just a foul up and can be saved. If the cheater lies, or tries to blame their partner, then it should be over.”

What about you, guys, what would you do if you were in this situation? Will you forgive your cheating boyfriend/partner/husband or is cheating a deal breaker for you? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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