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Together with his new son Wyatt, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper makes history as the two of them make the cover of People Magazine’s first-ever Pride issue. The news was revealed by People Magazine on its Instagram page.

In the photo caption, Cooper shares that as a 12-year-old boy just realizing he is gay, the idea of becoming a father was something that he didn’t even entertain. According to him, it was always upsetting that he would never be able to have a child.

Cooper first let the world know about his son Wyatt Morgan Cooper early last month after a global town hall on the global coronavirus pandemic. After the town hall, Cooper shared pictures of his son, who weighed seven pounds and two ounces when he was born. It was also during this announcement that he first expressed his worries about hot being able to have a child.

The name of Cooper’s son comes from both sides of his family, with Wyatt coming from his father, Wyatt Emory Cooper, who died during open-heart surgery when Cooper was only 10-years old. Morgan, meanwhile, came from his mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s side of the family. Vanderbilt died last year of stomach cancer.

Just like most parents, Cooper says having Wyatt has made him “invested in the future like never before.”

“There’s something about having a child that makes you feel connected to what is happening and you want to make sure that the world this child is growing up in is a better one. You suddenly worry much more about the future of all of us,” he told People.

Cooper is co-parenting with his ex-boyfriend, Benjamin Maisani, who he says has become a crybaby like him ever since Wyatt came into their lives.

“I cry at things I never cried at before. And Benjamin, I’ve never seen him cry, but I couldn’t believe how weepy he gets with Wyatt. I find myself being overwhelmed with emotion, and it’s a lovely thing,” Cooper shared.

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