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Do you have dating horror stories to tell, guys? We are asking because currently the tweeps over at Twitter are sharing theirs by way of an answer to gay American YouTuber and author Tyler Oakley’s prompt: “tell me your worst date horror story.” Here’s what the netizens have to say:

1- The horror of having to bear witness to his date’s fight with his ex-boyfriend.

2- Sort of similar to #1 but this time the respondent walked out on his date.

3- Fingers in his mouth. 

4- The moment they discovered the two of them dated the same man at the same time.

5- “Gum on my taint.” Now that sounds like a title of a horror movie.

6- Are you in danger, sir?

7- From heaven to hell real quick.

If there’s anything that these experiences are telling us, it’s that not every encounter is friendly and safe. And so, let’s always keep in mind these dating safety tips to ensure we stay safe when meeting anyone in person and when connecting online: 

  • meet them in public
  • stay sober
  • don’t feel obligated to do something you don’t want to do whether sexual in nature or otherwise, 
  • DON’T provide any private information such as your credit card and bank details; your home address and personal data; and online username and passwords to your bank accounts.
  • for more dating safety tips, click here and here.

Anyway, what about you, guys? What’s your dating horror story? As for mine, one of my dates was a no-show and while I was upset at the time about that, I didn’t let it dissuade me from going to another date and another and another.  Remember that the path to love is long and winding and we have to kiss a lot of frogs first before we’ll be able to find the one meant for us, yes? 

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