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Christmas seems to have come early this year, guys! There’s no denying we could all use a little cheer thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic which is why people across the world are buying gifts, Christmas trees, and putting up festive decorations a little early this 2020. 

We’ve also seen a slew of Christmas movies already, some of which are LGBTQ-themed and then there are the Christmas adverts. 

Speaking of advertisements, we love this one from Etsy (video shown below) because of the simplicity of the story; it’s very realistic and relatable, too! Not to mention the ending that’s bound to make viewers emotional. 

The commercial starts with Brandon and David, a Black gay couple who has gone home to spend Christmas with family. 

Meeting one’s boyfriend’s family for the first time is already awkward enough; add the Christmas party to the mix plus the many people around you—all of them strangers except for one. It was clear the anxiety of the partner being introduced is at an all-time high but his boyfriend reassures him before they were ushered into the house, telling him, “Don’t worry, they’re going to love you.” 

Once inside the house, the family is seen exchanging gifts and sharing a meal and as the new guy, he was looking very much out of place as all he could do is stare and smile awkwardly.  

After eating, the group settles down in the living room to cap off the celebration and the unexpected happened. One of the older guys, presumably his boyfriend’s dad or just one of the relatives really, approached him and handed him a gift, saying, “We didn’t forget about you. Welcome to the family.” 

The gift was a personalized Christmas ornament with the couple’s faces and names in it; the couple is then seen placing it on the Christmas tree alongside similar handmaid pieces. 

The Etsy advertisement titled New Guy is part of their “Gift Like You Mean It” campaign to “find the perfect gifts for every member of the family – even the new ones.” It earned praises online. User Josiah S. on YouTube for example, had said on the video’s comments section:

“Thank you so much for this, Etsy. This is the first time that I, a Black gay male, get to see myself presented in such an accurate light. I am so touched and will be making an account on Etsy and I will use it generously! ❤”

On the other hand, another YouTube user named Sandra commented, “Out of all the pain and hurt that we all have gone through in this year of 2020, this commercial truly put a smile on my face and love in my heart.  Thanks Etsy.”

Having said all that, what’s your “meet the parents” story, guys? Like in New Guy, did it happen on Christmas, too? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!  

Happy viewing!

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