Five Hilarious/Cringey Gay Lingo and Their Meanings

So, the peeps over at Reddit were talking about “queer words” that make them “shudder,” “cringe,” or “laugh” depending on how you see it, really. The OP (original poster of the thread) said he considers the word “boi” an instant turnoff, and that it makes him “want to take a hot shower and kinda barf.” One netizen on the other hand, pointed out he doesn’t like the word queer for reasons that are not in any way funny. He said he it’s “probably because the word has been used as an insult at school.” In a separate thread discussing the same topic, some Redditors revealed that they find it weird how “a lot of tops like to feminize bottoms,” adding that they are a “bottom but I’m still a man and I don’t like any body parts of mine to be feminized.”

As for the rest, their responses and reactions were downright hilarious as did the words they mentioned so we are sharing it just for laughs and maybe you can share a word or two in the process. Without further ado, here are some of the words that made our list:

-Gunkle — apparently the word is a portmanteau of “gay uncle.” The respondent said the word “sounds like some kind of growth you have removed at the doctor’s office.” 

Bunt — a portmanteau of “boy cunt.”  

-Thrussy — a portmanteau of throat pussy.

-Bussy — they say this word, which is a portmanteau of “boy pussy,” is pretty cringey. 

Shitoris — according to them, the only word that’s worse than bussy is, well, shitoris. Nothing they say, is worse than shitoris, period. Common reaction of netizens who read this word is, “What the fuck is shitoris?” or “hilarious,” and “too much.” According to urban dictionary, a certain Mr. Adam Carolla coined the word “shitoris” to refer to the prostate, the “male version of the clitoris.”  

Has a hookup or boyfriend ever said the word shitoris while you guys are in the middle of having sex? I’d probably double over with laughter if this ever happens to me. That being said, do you have a colorful, witty, and humorous gay lingo to share (or annoying, even, or words you dislike in general)? Comment below! 

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  1. Remy

    Personally, I hated every word mentioned here, queer being the least offensive. I too, am not a fan of any word that feminizes not only my body parts, but the parts I’m suppose to play with. And shitoris…probably the fastest way to kill my erection. I have to use it more often in my head. Normally, when I don’t want to get hard, I think Roseanne Barr.

    • John D McCoy

      News flash, sugartits: all words are “made up.” And are you going to tell us you’ve never used a portmanteau before? Smog? Brunch? Sitcom? Infomercial?

      Yeah, we didn’t think so. You just don’t think they’re portmanteaus because they’ve become simply “words” to us like all the others. Your simplistic view of language could use more than a few changes.

  2. Matt

    Yeah. Though, not as artificial (except one) as those which are the subject of this article, but the words “chilllaxen,” “chill,” “dude,” “bro,” “bruh,” and “cool” drive me crazy! “Let’s chill,” especially by an over 40 “dude,” is just silly.

    • John D McCoy

      And how does this have anything to do with the article?

      Funny. I’ve always thought the idiom “drive me crazy” was stupid. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, I guess.

  3. Bob

    Dear “straight”, bisexual, pansexual, curious, DL, closeted, or otherwise fluid male; authenic gay men don’t like the terms “pussy, clit, or titties” during sexual conquest. Please educate the community.

    Thank you. ‍♀️

    • John D McCoy

      Who the FUCK are you to say who’s “authentically gay” and who isn’t? Seriously. Get off your fucking high horse, douchebag.

  4. Bob

    Dear “straight”, bisexual, pansexual, curious, DL, closeted, or otherwise fluid male; authenic gay men don’t like the terms “pussy, clit, or titties” during sexual conquest. Or any varient thereof. Please pass it along. Lol

    Thank you. :-*

    • John D McCoy

      And who other than a 18 year old frat boy thinks of sex with someone as “sexual conquest”? And I bet you’re old enough to have grandkids in college, aren’t you? You’re a mess, dude.

  5. Geo

    Well, when I read 5 Cringey gay lingo, I thought bussy before I even read the article. Bussy is so horrible; definitely cringe-worthy. I’d stop having sex, put my clothes on, and walk out if someone used that in the middle of sex.
    Gunkle has always just sounded annoying. You’re an uncle; just say uncle. Not necessarily cringe-worthy though. Gaymer is in the same category, although it’s mostly a text thing. I’ve heard someone try to say verbalize it with an emphasis on “ga” in gamer. “Gaaaaamer.”

  6. Ken94110

    I need a total top to fill my thrussy, then pull it out and stick it in my bunt and tickle my shitoris and bake delicious creampies together!

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