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Watch This: Matt Bomer Stars in “Papi Chulo”

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Hey, guys! Here’s our first look at Matt Bomer’s latest movie titled Papi Chulo (2018, John Butler). This film follows the story of a thirtysomething gay weatherman named Sean (played by Bomer) who is suffering from a painful breakup which, unfortunately for him, resulted into his depression.  

After six months of loneliness, everything came to a head when one day, Sean had an emotional meltdown which was caught on camera (it happened while he was delivering the weather forecast). Sean tried to shrug it off, he dismissed the incident as acid reflux but he was asked to take a sabbatical by Ash anyway (Ash is his news producer boss, played by Wendi McLendon-Covey). His concerned co-worker and friend Susan (played by D’Arcy Carden), on the other hand, advised him to see a therapist.

Suddenly, Sean had too much time on his hands so he decided to launch a home improvement project (the home is the very same one he used to share with his ex, Carlos). He then hires a middle-aged Latino migrant worker named Ernesto (Alejandro Patiño) to paint the deck of his home and it was then when an unlikely friendship began. In the trailer, Sean can be seen telling Ernesto, “I am going through a rough patch. My ex has been gone for six months now and I have to admit I’m not good at being alone. I never have been.”

Papi Chulo received rave reviews from the critics. According to the Screen Daily, this dramedy is about, “The fleeting human connections that can change a life forever.” While The Hollywood Reporter said of the movie, “A warm-hearted tale of emotional healing through an unlikely friendship.” 

You can watch Papi Chulo in theaters starting June 7. 

Happy viewing!

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    • Hunter0500

      Google the movie’s name. It is … “unique” yeh, let’s call it that. Google search comes up with “In Latin-American Spanish slang, a papi chulo is an attractive man. While the term originally names a pimp, it has broadened to refer to a ladies’ man.” Huh?

      So who are we referring to? The lead character? Or the older guy? In either case … ugh.

      For me, it’s another movie that tells the world gay guys are helpless emotional victims of life. Sad. Hurting. Incapable of coping. Incapable of managing their lives. Incapable of being strong, having character, having balls, lackign self worth. (hello Nathan)

      This character explains that his ex left him six months ago and he’s hurting. To me, it says he’s helpless; at the mercy of some guy who abandoned him. BOO HOO. Locked in the past. And there’s just nothing … oh nothing … he can do … until he’s next superhero comes along and saves him.


      Gays being helpless victims. Again. And their tolerating it. BS. When will “the Community” stand up to the entertainment industry and say “BS, we’re PROUD and strong! Stop portraying the bias, stop the stereotype!”

      Ok, unless the stereotype is who “we” want to continue to be.

  1. John

    Considering the casting, I can’t really imagine who the audience for this is supposed to be. A pudgy, middle-aged Hispanic construction worker as the love (or even platonic) interest? Call me crazy, but I’d imagine that’s not what most gay audiences want to see.

  2. Hunter0500

    “A pudgy, middle-aged Hispanic construction worker as the love (or even platonic) interest?’

    Funny, all of those attributes are represented in part by each of my long-term play buds. What does that say about most gay men?

  3. Kev

    So privileged cis white guy meets and befriends a Latino day laborer. Let’s give him a medal for being so “open-minded”. Premise seems a bit marginalizing and…boring. It’s pretty unfortunate that we still mostly get stories about LGBT people of color as subplots. I don’t wanna see a movie called “Papi Chulo” if it stars Matt Bomer or anyone like him.

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