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Music: Céline Dion Debuts New Song ‘Flying On My Own’

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Céline Dion’s Instagram Account)

Céline Dion bids farewell to Las Vegas by ushering in a new chapter of her life. The Canadian singer, who ended her 16-year residency at Caesars Palace’s The Colosseum, also premiered her new song titled, “Flying On My Own” during her 1,144th and final show last Saturday night, June 8. 

Flying On My Own (#FOMO) is the first single from her forthcoming 27th album titled Courage scheduled for release this November 2019 via Sony Music.Céline also has an upcoming world tour which will kick off in Québec, her home province, on Sept. 18 and 20 at Videotron Centre followed by shows in over 50 other cities before ending it in Winnipeg, Manitoba on April 27, 2020. You may view the scheduled dates and purchase tickets of her Courage World Tour on her website.   

Listen to her new song below:

Critics and fans alike described Céline’s new dance-pop as “high-octane and willfully lending itself to the club circuit,” “soaring,” “amazing,” “inspiring,” and “incessantly upbeat, campy banger.” Personally, we love Flying On My Own specially the lines:

My feet on the runway/It’s a beautiful day/I look to the sky now/I’m finding my way/I’m flying on my own/On the wings of your love

We also think it’s the song of the summer. Take a look at what the netizens are saying about Céline’s new song:

You may buy Flying On My Own here. Let us know in the comments section how you like the song. 

Happy viewing!

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  1. Guy Gotham

    It’s a lovely song somewhere in 2004. Song of summer is a really big leap here. It’s very reaffirming track that obviously has a theme very close to her heart now. Perhaps the studio recording off the album will travel better, but this live version doesn’t do anything fresh that hasn’t been done before, with of course the exception of shining a big ole spotlight on her pipes and how except for one small misstep early on(which I just chalk up to performing brand new material live) Ms. Dion’s pipes appear to be impervious to the march of time. She does sound vocally as powerful and commanding as ever. But this song just feels like they are trying to take her directly to the Disco and recreate some Believe ala Cher magic. Celine is much better with sticking to her power ballads and then letting DJs remix them for club crowd consumption. Either way I really want to hear the album recording of this as I hope it doesn’t sound as dated as it seems to here.

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