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The future of sex and sexuality is changing as we speak. It’s the dawn of a new sexual revolution they say, and sex robots are transforming intimacy as we know it.

Recently, I’ve read that a sex robot brothel had opened in Japan and that the aforementioned establishment had also introduced male sex dolls (or love dolls, as others prefer to call it) as well because of a growing demand on bisexual threesomes among male customers. What’s more curious is that it’s not the first sex robot brothel in the world at all. Apparently, there are already many others found in Moscow, Russia; Barcelona, Spain; and Turin, Italy to name a few. Take a look at the map below to check where you can find sex doll brothels around the world:

The customers will have several realistic sex dolls to choose from, most of them female, some male. Each sex doll has a name and a profile and they cater to a client’s particular fantasy. The doll, for example, could be Soccer Jock Jake Fantasy Love Doll, or Hot Pool Boy Bryson Fantasy Love Doll, or Kenny Premium Male Love Doll.

How much does it cost though? In Japan, a three hour-long session with the sex doll of the patron’s choice costs ¥36000 (or $327.45) while a one hour-long session costs ¥13000 ($118.25). In Toronto, Canada on the other hand, customers have to pay $120 for an hour, plus $90 if they want to extend the session for 30 minutes more. 

But is there a demand, you ask? One such establishment revealed that prior to their opening they already had 200 reservations, and while majority of their patrons were men, women and couples make up about 30 percent of that.

Where do you live, guys, and exactly how popular is sex dolls in your country? Do you agree with what others are saying that sex robots are transforming intimacy as we know it? Would you buy a male love doll of your own or would you rather pay a visit to a sex doll brothel? Sound off in the comments section below!

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