Music: Madonna Delivers Emotional Speech At GLAAD Media Awards

Madonna has long been both an icon and an advocate for the LGBTQ community, and over the weekend she was recognized at the GLAAD Media Awards with the Advocate for Change Award.

The award is in recognition of Madonna’s work in “accelerating LGBTI acceptance in pop culture and beyond.” Madonna’s HIV and AIDs awareness work during the AIDS crisis was also recognized. Madonna fans of a certain age will remember that her Like A Prayer album included a “Facts About AIDS” leaflet.

The pop icon has also regularly performed at numerous AIDS benefit concerts and has been outspoken about her opposition to anti-LGBTI policies in Russia and the United States.

After being introduced by Rosie O’ Donnell, Madonna paid tribute to the various gay men in her life, such as her high school ballet teacher, Christopher Flynn.

Of Flynn, Madonna said “he was the first person that believed in me. That made me feel special as a dancer, as an artists, and as a human being.”

Flynn, apparently, even took her to her “first gay club in downtown Detroit.”

Madonna also talked about friends she had lost to AIDS-related illnesses, such as Keith Haring.

“After I lost my best friend and roommate Martin Burgoyne and then Keith Haring…I decided to take up the bullhorn and really fight back,” she said.

Watch Madonna’s speech below:

Any longtime Madonna fans among our Adam4Adam blog readers? What do you think of this newest accolade? Have any memorable experiences with the Queen of Pop herself? Share your thoughts and stories with us in the comments section below!

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  1. Sandy

    Madonna the only star that can take any occasion meant to honor someone else and make it all about her, once again crosses the borderline.

  2. Hunter0500

    Congrats to her for her years of support for LGTBQ!

    On its site, Pride has an interesting article about 18 Country Musicians who are LGTBQ-supportive, if not I LGTBQ themselves. Music crosses social boundaries. And it looks like LGTBQ-support crosses musical genres, as well!

  3. Steven Kerry

    So this is what a lot of people online are calling a “no longer relevant” artist? PLEASE. Look at the astounding numbers of views of her YT videos and try convincing yourself of that.. A Madonna album release is pure excitement to millions of her global fans. She continues to be not only culturally relevant, but she is still doing interesting and exciting music. Also, it is curious to me that so many people nowadays consider themselves SJWs, but they still apparently consider it okay to be ageist as hell. That to me seems a bit hypocritical. Older gay men are the very definition of a “marginalized group”. So are HIV positive people (STILL! It’s as if a lot of people are still so ignorant about how HIV is transmitted and by whom their knowledge base is still stuck in the ’80s or ’90s. Meanwhile all the info is right there on their computers! By all means be safe, but paranoia is so 1986.) I am not one to gush about Madonna and call her Queen and all that,nor do I compare her to Lady Gaga or other “divas” as I happen to love both of them. Madonna’s music and her message speaks for itself.

      • tek

        Hating badly constructed corporate pop only made to be a commodity does not make one ageist. Nor does hating a multi million dollar has been clingy to relevancy and a fading star.

  4. Robert

    Madonna is nothing but a hateful and divisive left wing nut case. By the way, is anyone looking to buy Madonna’s metal bound SEX book? I have one for sale for $100 plus shipping. Cheers

  5. Art J Liegl

    Madonna was one of the biggest music celebrities from the 80’s. She embraced the LBGT community when many others were running scared. She has been there for us with her music and with her pocketbook. She has done so much for us and continues to do so. She deserves our thanks and appreciation for everything she has done and continues to do.

    • Brian

      She did a bad job at it by dividing people based on factors outside of gay rights. She NOR GLADD has any business representing me and most of those in our community. I am an individual that does not need a flag to represent me or a string of letters that represent anyone outside of “straight”. This shit show is a riot of special interest groups that cause more harm to people and society then good. Thank You.

  6. anonimatovato

    Madonna might be too diva at times, but I do support her when she supports Lgbtq, because she did it when it was not popular to support gay rights. Funny that so many queens are ageist when I see many doing the same thing Madonna does, going out with young hot studs, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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