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“Your career is going to be amazing!” was Lionel Ritchie’s prediction of Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon after the latter sang Elton John’s We All Fall in Love Sometimes (1975) during the American Idol 2019 Top 14 round last Sunday. 

Ritchie said of Harmon’s performance, “There are notes that Elton can’t do. Then there are notes that—I can’t believe it—Freddie Mercury can’t do, and you went to a Z flat somewhere up there past Pluto and Mars. It was amazing. And your voice is amazing.”

Fans might remember Harmon as this gay church janitor and a pastor’s kid (PK) whose struggles with his sexuality because of his religion has led him to write his American Idol audition piece titled Almost Heaven (which we talked about in this article last month titled Are Religion and Sexuality Mutually Exclusive? Harmon explained the song is about him “questioning if there’s a place for me and I guess people like me in heaven”). 

But Katy Perry, his fellow PK who had gone emotional after watching him perform Elton John’s song, said that while Harmon’s story is everything, but his talent supersedes it all. “I’m a mess,” Perry said. “I’m just so proud.” She added, “You’re such a gift. You’re a light to the world. Your story is everything, and your talent supersedes all.”

Luke Bryan on the other hand, said of Harmon’s performance, “The whole time I’m watching that I’m like I’m not worthy to be sitting here watching.” He added, “I just see Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon on this big billboard.”

Watch Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon sing Elton John’s We All Fall in Love Sometimes below.

We also love Harmon’s version of Time After Time (1983) which he sang with Cynthia Erivo last April 8.

Fans who wish to vote for Harmon can check the video below for instructions:

Happy viewing!

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