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Hey, guys! How many times have you had sex this week? 

We are asking because a recent study conducted by the General Social Survey shows that more and more adult Americans are not having sex these days. To be exact, almost 40% said they didn’t have sex that week and around 37% said they didn’t have sex that month, while 1 in 4 or 23% of the male research participants revealed that they hadn’t had sex at all during the entire 2018. 

The number is higher for men ages 18-30 at 28% but the sex drought is even higher for males who are 60 years old and up—according to the same study as cited by The Washington Post—which is around 50 percent. 

The results of the study came as a surprise to many people considering today’s hookup culture. But how did couples fare?

A separate study said that in the first two years of the relationship, almost 70% of gay couples have sex three times or more a week while it is “50 percent for straight couples and about 33 percent for lesbian couples.” But the number dwindles the longer couples stay together. In fact, only 10% of gay couples who have been together for over 10 years have sex three times a week while it is “under 20% for heterosexual couples” and “about 1 percent for lesbians.” According to this article, the “statistics were gathered from various studies that took place from the late 1990s through 2011.”  

How true is the result for you, guys, and where are you from? More importantly, how often do you have sex weekly, monthly? Share with us your numbers and stories below!

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