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Today – June 27, 2024 – marks National HIV Testing Day (NHTD), a pivotal day dedicated to promoting HIV awareness and testing across the United States. This year’s theme, “Level up your self-love: check your status,” emphasizes the importance of knowing your HIV status as an integral part of self-care and personal health.

HIV testing is a crucial step in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It allows individuals to know their status and take appropriate steps to protect their health and the health of their partners. Early detection of HIV can lead to timely treatment, significantly improving health outcomes and reducing the risk of transmission to others. Despite the progress made in HIV awareness and prevention, stigma and misinformation still prevent many people from getting tested.

Why HIV Testing Is Important

1. Early Detection Saves Lives: Knowing your HIV status early allows for prompt treatment, which can manage the virus effectively and enable individuals to live long, healthy lives. Antiretroviral therapy (ART) can suppress the virus to undetectable levels, making it untransmittable to sexual partners (U=U: Undetectable = Untransmittable).

2. Preventing the Spread: By knowing your status, you can take steps to prevent the spread of HIV. This includes using protection during sex, informing sexual partners, and considering preventive measures like Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP).

3. Reducing Stigma: Getting tested and encouraging others to do the same helps normalize HIV testing and reduces the stigma associated with the virus. Stigma and discrimination are significant barriers to HIV testing and treatment.


This Year’s Theme: Level Up Your Self-Love

The theme “Level up your self-love: check your status” encourages individuals to view HIV testing as an act of self-care. According to HIV.gov, the theme “emphasizes valuing yourself, showing yourself compassion and respect, and honoring your health needs with self-love.” Just as we take care of our mental and physical health through regular check-ups and wellness practices, knowing our HIV status is a vital part of taking care of ourselves.

Self-love involves:

  • Taking Responsibility: Understanding that your health is in your hands and taking proactive steps to protect it.
  • Educating Yourself: Being informed about HIV, its transmission, and prevention methods.
  • Supporting Others: Encouraging friends, family, and community members to get tested and supporting those living with HIV.

How to Get Tested

Getting tested for HIV is easier than ever. Here are some options:

1. Visit a Healthcare Provider: Many healthcare providers offer HIV testing as part of routine medical care.

2. Find a Testing Site: Use online resources to locate free or low-cost HIV testing sites near you. Use the HIV Testing Sites & Care Services Locator. You can also visit https://gettested.cdc.gov/.

In the Philippines, you can visit any LoveYourself hubs for a free HIV test. Schedule an appointment through this link: bit.ly/lybooking.

Alternatively, you can self-test with a free SelfCare test kit. Request yours here: m.me/SelfCare2S.

3. At-Home Testing: There are FDA-approved at-home HIV testing kits available that offer privacy and convenience.

Take Action Today

On this National HIV Testing Day, take a step towards better health and well-being by getting tested. Share the importance of HIV testing with your loved ones and community. Remember, knowing your status is a powerful act of self-love and an essential step in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Let’s make this NHTD a turning point in our commitment to health and self-care. Level up your self-love by checking your status and encouraging others to do the same. Together, we can create a healthier, more informed, and supportive community.

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