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For tops out there, what do you think it is that bottoms want? What is it do you think, that they like during sex or what, do you think, are they looking for from tops? Conversely, for bottoms out there, what, for you, makes a good top? 

We’ve scoured the net and here are some of the popular answers to this question, and we quote:

  • Listening and being highly attuned to one’s partner’s needs are the key to being the best top in the bedroom;
  • Consent, whether verbal or nonverbal. A top should be able to “pick up on his (bottom’s) silent and sometimes not so silent cues, you can learn what he likes and doesn’t like,” one Redditor advised.  He added:

Usually, a bottom wants a top who’s dominant but understands and respects boundaries, sometimes knowing when to push and when to stop. It’s not always about throwing guys around or forcing them on their knees. It’s also about making him relinquish some of his power to you and in doing so, feel a bit powerless.

  • Communication is the key, says a lot of respondents. A particular Redditor advised and said that communication is “now a big key to being a good top.” Further, he explained in detail: “Ask if it feels good, or if it hurts or anything you think that will help you and your partner enjoy it more.”
  • Another respondent advised: “Don’t freak out if there is mess it can make a bottom feel super self-conscious and bad and it sometimes just happens.”
  • Foreplay! And lots of it, why? Because foreplay makes sex hotter and enjoyable. It also lowers inhibitions and makes the two of you “feel more connected in and out of the bedroom.”

What about you, guys, what do you think make a good top? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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