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Do you find swallowing cum hot or not?

Before anything else, oral sex is a pretty common form of sexual activity. However, while some gay and bisexual men may find pleasure in swallowing semen during oral sex, others might not be inclined to do so. It’s essential to recognize that swallowing cum is not obligatory for oral sex, and you should never feel compelled to engage in it if you are not comfortable doing so.

Moreover, is it safe to swallow someone else’s cum?

Well, reportedly, swallowing semen is generally considered safe; nevertheless, there is a potential for an allergic reaction or the transmission of a sexually transmitted infection (STI). Read here for more information.

Having said all that, what do you think about swallowing cum, guys?

Here’s what other gay men have to say about this topic, and we quote:

  • I have swallowed but not my favorite thing to do. I gag at the taste of it and dislike a thick load. But watery loads creep me out. Even my own. I always prefer to have my top cum inside me. Condom preferred.
  • I swallow very rarely, there has to be a real connection and I have to be extremely turned on by the guy. I have swallowed less than 10 times. I love cum shot all over my chest etc.…
  • Total bottom here, but don’t like cum in my mouth or on my face. Anywhere else is good for me, but I really prefer to have the guy shoot his load(s)as deep in my ass as he can get them. I live to get my tight ass fucked.
  • Nothing is better than when a dude swallows my load. When it comes to the reverse (no pun intended haha), it definitely depends on the guy. Have to be very turned on.
  • I’m an ORAL TOP here who loves to swallow as well as get swallowed, and like lots of the others it depends on the guy as to whether I’ll swallow or not depending on the physical attraction.

And there you go, guys! As you can see, their preference varies. A number of gay men love swallowing, but others don’t like it at all, and while some gay men don’t mind swallowing cum, there has to be a connection with their partner, they said. What about you, guys? Do you feel the same? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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