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Often, I’d read questions online like this one: Is there a way to be a straight man and a bottom? I would also read confessions about how they’re straight but are strictly bottom when they’re with men, or that they’re straight but that they want to try bottoming.

Recently though, I’ve read a really intriguing post asking readers if they’ve ever received mails or messages from guys claiming to be straight, ones who “enjoy anal penetration but feel too ashamed to ask any girl to do it on him.” The original poster (OP) said he received plenty of messages like this in the past, and usually, he doesn’t believe these guys, but this time it’s different. The OP added, and we quote:

And at first, I thought that he was just closeted but the more I talk to him I believe is true and it’s not the first time of hearing something like that. There is so much stigma on the straight community that it wouldn’t surprise me. What do you guys think? Are they actually straight guys who can enjoy bottoming even though they’re not attracted to the other person? Either way, he is hot, so I don’t care, I’m just genuinely curious if you have had similar experiences.

One guy replied, “I had a friend like that, lived to take it whenever we’re drinking together…. He married an adventurous girl who wears a strap-on and hasn’t thought of being with a guy since.” While another guy shared, “I know a friend of mine like that. He is 100% straight but still loves anal play. Getting a dick or a dildo in his ass gets him hard in seconds but he has absolutely no interest in guys.”

But there are, of course, guys who think otherwise like this one guy who said, “I think if you accept being fucked by a guy, you cannot be straight. Anal play does not mean being gay of course, but being fucked by a guy? I do not believe that is possible.”

Another guy hold more or less the same opinion. He replied, “Playing with dildos or being pegged by a woman: straight.

Wanting to suck dick or get fucked by a man: not straight.

It’s really that simple. All of the ‘straight’ guys saying they just think dicks are hot and want to touch another man’s dick in any way are not straight in any universe.”

Meanwhile, one guy explained that the reason why there are straight men who love bottoming is probably mainly due to the fact that “anal pleasure is because of anatomy, not sexual orientation.”

Anyway, you can read the readers’ responses here.

What about you, guys, what are your thoughts regarding this matter? Share them with us below including your stories, if you have one.

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