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Do you find having sex in public bathrooms hot, guys? Some people find quickies in the bathroom so much hotter than doing it in the bedroom but, what about you guys? And of course, having sex in the public bathroom is on a whole different level than having sex in the privacy of your own bathroom.

We scoured the internet for stories and below are some of the gay bathroom hookup stories we found. The first one talked about how they randomly hooked up in bathrooms when they didn’t know each other which means that everything was spontaneous and not planned. He confessed:

Well, I can answer this one, as I used to do it when I was closeted. Usually, I would do it at the urinal. I would stand at one end (never peeing, as I’ve always been pee-shy), and if another guy would come in, I’d look over as walked in, but turn back before he unzipped but I’d try to sneak a peek. If he fully hid it, obviously he wasn’t interested. However, sometimes he might glance over and I’d be slowly masturbating my semi with 2 fingers. If he liked what he saw, he might do the same. After that, we would see where it went.

In the stalls, there was the tap. If you were interested, you would tap your foot once or twice close to the divider. If he was interested, he would do the same. Then you would maybe nudge his foot, just to be sure he was interested. Sometimes one or the other would write a note on toilet paper to decide which stall, or if it was quiet, you could just say it. Then do it and done.

Then, of course, there were some bathrooms that people had conveniently made glory holes in, making everything so much simpler.

It looks like the guy above only ever had successful gay bathroom sex stories to share, which is quite a different story from that of this college guy whose first hookup in a restroom on their college campus ended up being a total failure.

He shared: “We went into the big stall and I opened his cheeks and got the biggest whiff of shit ever. He said he was clean but it smelled like he just had a rampant case of diarrhea. I went limp and basically just told him to suck me off but he then proceeded to bite my dick and at that point, I just noped out of there.”

But wait, that’s not all. The college guy said that as he tried to make a quick exit from his failed rendezvous, his hookup “tried to ‘be passionate’ and kiss me as I left but it came off as corny. And to make it all worse, he whispered ‘Love you’ as I left, having met him 10 mins prior.”

Having said all that, whether your bathroom hookups are successful or not, this guy would like to remind everyone to forget having sex in a public restroom altogether as it is illegal.

And what, he said, if the guy you’re hooking up with is an undercover cop? Further, he explained, “If you’re charged and convicted, you’re not only facing jail time and fines, but you will also be a registered sex offender for the rest of your life. Why risk that?” He added, “This isn’t the 70’s or the 80’s, or even the 90’s. There are plenty of legal, safe places where you can go for a ‘hookup.’ If being watched turns you on, or if illicit sex in public places turns you on, there are many ways for you to scratch your itch without being branded as a sex offender.”

And there you have it, guys. What do you think about sexual activity in public toilets? Do you have a public bathroom hookup story to share, guys? Please feel free to tell us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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