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We all have heard a myth or two that some straight people believe about gay men. To start off, some of them think that being gay is a choice.

Sounds familiar?

Well, what about their belief that same-sex parents are not as good as straight ones, that children are ‘better off’ with a mother and father than with gay parents? Have you ever heard of that one?

Those are just two myths among the many, there are others for sure, but for this article, we aren’t talking about those myths by straight people. Instead, we want to ask you if you are aware of myths that gay men themselves believe about being gay?  

A gay man on Reddit named u/Puzzleheaded-Day3302 brought up this topic. He asked, “What are some common myths that many gay men believe about being gay?” He added, “We all know that straight people believe some weird stuff about us. I’d be rich if I counted all the times I’ve been asked who’s the woman. But what are some things that even gay guys tend to falsely believe about being gay?”

One of the respondents on the thread replied, “That we have better taste or are more ‘cultured’ than straight people.” He countered this myth with: “Nope, I have trash taste in most measures.”

Another popular reply reads, “That your life is over at 30,” while a separate answer said, “That straight men will fall in love with you eventually the more you hook up with them.”

Meanwhile, another man said, “Your sexual position in bed and your personality are the same thing.”

Further, one guy said, “That everyone likes anal sex, group sex, or polyamory.” In addition, another said, “You’re gay because of something in your childhood; you didn’t have a father or he wasn’t a strong father, etc. Typical psychologist idiocy.” Read the thread in full here.

Having said all that, what about you, guys? Have you ever heard of a myth or two about gay men believed by gay men themselves? If so, kindly share them with us in the comments section below as well as your thoughts regarding said myths!

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