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I stumbled upon a news article the other day about how size matters when it comes to sex, at least according to a survey conducted by digital clinic Medzino. How true is this for you though, guys?

Anyway, Medzino surveyed a total of 1,003 gay, bisexual, and straight men and women regarding their “personal experiences and penis preferences.” Their study found that 48% of their respondents “believed that penis size was important during sexual intercourse, while 71% reported that size mattered for their own pleasure.” That being said, majority or 61% revealed that sexual performance is the primary factor when it comes to having a fulfilling sexual experience as opposed to 27% who believed it’s the penis size that makes sexual experience fulfilling.

Apart from penis size and sexual performance, male respondents cited personality (55%), confidence (45%), and looks (41%) as the top three main factors that “can help attract a potential sexual partner or contribute toward a fulfilling sexual experience.” 

Meanwhile, 1 in 3 gay and bisexual men confessed that their penis shame was caused mainly by their previous partners. They were also “more likely to be criticized or body shamed due to their penis size” as compared to straight men. 

Do they have insecurities about their bodies when it comes to sex? One in 5 straight men said yes while it’s 1 in 10 for gay and bisexual men. As to who caused their insecurities, 1 in 3 straight men said the culprit was their former sexual partner. It’s the same for gay and bisexual men although the number is higher at 3 out of 4 or 75 percent. 

When asked what the ideal penis length is for them, 41% of the survey respondents replied 6 to 8 inches while 31% answered 4 to 6 inches. In addition, when asked which is more important: girth or length – 48% of the male respondents and 50% of female respondents replied girth. Read the study in full here.

Having said all that, what matters more for you, guys: size or technique; girth or length? Moreover, what is the ideal penis size for you? Do you believe that size matters when it comes to having a fulfilling sexual experience?

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